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Hey there guys and gals,
I'm sorry I haven't written since I've been back. Its been for several reasons----1. I'm back in school ( 19 hrs this semester ) 2. Work is hell.....and third,, well I'm kinda ashamed. To make a long story short ( I will post later about my trip ) My supply lasted me through most of my trip, ran out at the end, went and saw a doc and got 30 timed release 100mg Tramadol. Those helped me make it home. Before I left, I had ordered 60 50mg codeine phosphate for when I got back, in addition to the fact that my supplier came through for me as soon as I got back. Can you say relapse? So, I hated myself for that, but kept insisting in my mind that as soon as I ran out this time that I was gonna do something about it. By the way, I did talk to my girlfriend about it while on the trip. She is very supportive and is even proud of me. It was the first time I've cried in years. So, I'm back, school is hell, work is worse. I'd love to talk to many of you and will this weekend, but I need some quick answers before tomorrow morning from those who know about Meth.

1. Do they actually give you a dose on the first day? I am beginning withdrawals right now and really hope that they do. ( Isn't it crazy how many times we go through this ) Does the first dose actually last through the entire day for anyone? How long does it usually take till you get to a level that will last you throughout the day and night?

2. How long does the first visit take?

3. How much harder is it to come off of methadone than oxy's. I'm very afraid of this and its the one thing that prevented me from going to the clinic as soon as I got home. Everyone keeps saying that the withdrawals can last twice as long with Meth. Well, I can't go through 8 days of withdrawals. That would kill me. It is possible to eliminate or reduce significantly the withdrawals one experiences with a Meth taper?

4. How long must you stay on the program? If you miss a day, do they kick you out? I would only like to be on the Meth long enough to get to the level I need for a few week and then begin to taper. I really want to be totally clean. I remember what it feels like and I want it.

5. Does the meth make you feel good/bad/energetic/lethargic/or affect your mood at all?

6. Is it really worth it.......just give me your opinion?

Thank all of you so much. Your advice and encouraging words have been jewels in my bleak world lately. I go back and read them often. I will post about my trip soon. I do think that no matter what, I will be going to the clinic tomorrow. I just want a little more advice from those who have experienced it before I go. Thanks again!

Hang in there.............all of you!

no, I got the codeine just in case I needed it when I got back from vacation. Of course, it doesn't do a damn thing for me. I've been taking about 100-160mg of Oxycontin ed for almost a year. Thats why I'm going to the Methadone clinic in about 4 hours. Wish me luck everyone. I'm very nervous and frightened. I just want my life back.........less hassles about money, less hassles about supply, running out, and when and where I can get more. I hate it all. I want to be able to live my life and do the things that I need to do.......AND ENJOY THEM without having to snort or swallow that crap. I don't know. I've done NA. I've done 5 wks of inpatient treatment. I've done outpatient counseling. I've gone cold turkey more time than I can count on one hand. I've tapered ( but not well ).............I guess this is the next viable option. Lets pray it works.
you will have no problem getting into the program. discussing your history will probably be one of the first things that is done.

1] there are programs that will medicate on the same day you come in but i would not get your hopes up. they are rare. for me it was about a week from first coming in to doing an intake with a counselor to an appointment with the doctor running the program, seeing the nurse and getting blood work from a lab among other things.

2] it will depend on the program and several factors aside from that. how much paperwork to be done. what state guidelines are. etc

3] methadone withdrawal and how long it takes is not a reason that should stop you from entering a treatment program. detox will be slow and steady. it is not something to be feared.

4] how long you stay in the program is up to each patient. its your decision.

5] those on a stable dose report few side effects. there may be some sedation initially until you become stable. you may notice you sweat more than normal. effects will be minor in most cases.

6] methadone is the best thing ive done about my addiction. it put me on stable ground and it allowed me to calm down and gain control over the train wreck that was my life in active addiction. with methadone you will avoid withdrawal and also prevent cravings once you are stable. the first thing you will notice is when you realize you dont have to live like that no more and how good that makes you feel.

expect to pay around 77 bucks a week for your treatment. initially you will have to go each day but most clinics provide take home doses after 30 days and more as you progress. i only go three times a week now after a year of being in the program. counseling is very important to go with the program. talking about what drove you to use is so important to an addicts recovery. make it a special point. i mean counseling beyond the counselors that work in the program itself. seeing a private psychiatrist and or LMHC counselor should be high on your to do list. depression usually goes hand in hand with opiate abuse. only you will know. good luck.