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[QUOTE=WA2;1189270]I am new here. Lartab (20 10mg daily) and Soma (15-20 daily) addict. :wave: I found the board researching Suboxone. I thought I would share with you my exp.

I went into a detox last week before last..for pills. I have been on Soma and Lortabs for yrs. The thought of not taking them was horrible (still kinda scarry). My life was ********** up. Well, the drug part. I could not have a weekend trip without taking time to plan out my pills; how many to bring, can I get them shipped to me, etc. Pills ruled my life, I was a *********** slave. Everyday, everyday for yrs. I was ruled by these pills. I wanted my life back. So, I spent 5 days in detox. THe a1st 24 hours suck. YOu really feel bad. After the 1st 24hrs (since you had your last dose of pills) they will administer Suboxone to you. Talk about alife saver. This drug really WORKS!!!!!!! You do feel slightly yucky, and I do mean slightly. Nothing major at all, easy to deal with. Maybe easy for me due to the fact I have been wanting off the pills for over a yr., and tried several times with no luck (withdrawled too bad) You have the chills, soft stool and the sweats a little, but that is about all. Well, I was kinda emotional for a few days. It is not like trying to quit on your own. I have tried many times and it is horrible. They also gave me Serquel to sleep and for anxiety. The 2 drugs together are a God send. If you are addicted and want to get off, FIND A DR. THAT WILL GIVE YOU SUBOXONE. I did, and I cant tell you how happy I am that I finally kicked this ****** habit. I know I could add much more to this, but this is the short of it.

I have been off of Lortab and Soma for 12 days now, and I could not feel better. They feeling you get when you are finally off the **** compares to no other. If you are addicted, please talk with your Dr. about Suboxone. :)
damn...I sound like a sales person for them . :D
I'm going to be going through a similar process trying to get off of methadone and hydro but since suboxone is another opiate I've been told I will withdraw off of suboxone when you try to stop that also so, I'm wondering if your there yet and how you are?