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Hi there!

Yes, you pulled a "Dallas Alice" and a "Lisaaahub" double spiral back flip this time, my dear ;)! Wasn't sure if you had another medical issue or if you were still healing a bit or what, but just as you drew me out once again, I'm glad to see you back. We need your perkiness around here (that's a compliment!)

I'm starting my 7th week of methadone treatment...up to 105 mgs. a day. Went 4 straight weeks without even thinking of a pill, began cutting back on the benzos (down to a third of what I was taking), and barely have a drink anymore! But...then I started having some breakthru w/ds, and started taking a pill a day for awhile, then my clinic doctor upped me 5 more mgs., but I don't think that's enough so will ask to go up to 110 mgs. I've got a few loooooooong threads that tell the whole sordid tale, and it includes my new job...as an office manager.....at........a............MORTUARY! Now how bizarre is that, Michelle?! For someone who was contemplating suicide a few months back, well after seeing some of the things I've seen here, I will never again sweat the small stuff or doubt that this job came my way by sheer "coincidence." It's definately given me much food for thought as far as "signs or messages" go...I know you know what I mean...

So that's the short version...the whole story is on about page 2 or 3 ("Dallas through the Looking Glass and What she Found There") if you want all the gory details!

So glad you were off the board doing something life-affirming like caring for a little one, I sure hope you're feeling better all around, and you have surely been missed. Tell us more!

Love ya,
Dallas Alice