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It is very comforting to hear the stories of other people feeling like I'm feeling right at this moment, and have many times before. I'm 28, and started taking Loratab10 approx 2 years ago. It started with a harmless 1/2 a pill a day, and of course worsened as time went on. The thing is ,the most I've taken in a day is 5 or 6 . I know this is something I shouldn't do, but as most posters have said you feel like the best you, u can be while on them. The best mother, employee, wife etc.. Well 2 weeks ago I found the incentive to stop taking them. I'm pregnant. Not sure how far, I'm going to the Dr. tues. I'm guessing 6-10 wks. I told my husband and he thought taking a little bit of methadone would help with the wd's. So for 1 week I took a quarter of meth a day. I feel horrible... Will this hurt the baby? How long will the withdrawls last? It has been 7 days since I've had anything. I have fever, chills, my legs "kick" all night, can't sleep, can't eat. I dont think I've ever experienced anything like this. I have so many questions: If i get off this early in pregnancy, will baby be okay, how long will the wd's last, b/c in comparison to some people I wasnt taking a very high dosage. I'm confused at what is good ole morning sickness and what is wd's. I went to ER, but didn't dare tell them what I'm telling you now. I thought the fever was related to miscarriage etc. Can someone please help, I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, and the worst thing after 3 painful, sleepless nights I took a Loratab to help me sleep last night. Please, how will the wd's last, relapse is NOT an option.