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Ah, my sweet "little bird," Frida,

First, please know that I am so very supportive and proud and happy for you. Then please know that just as soon as I go and compose myself after reading your wonderful, wonderful post, and do the four things you asked of us, I will be back in full DallasAlice-diatribe-writing form so I can properly tell you my thoughts on this very brave and intelligent, life-altering decision you have made. I wish I could take your tears away and cry them for you...you have a lot to do to get ready for this and it's hard when you can't breathe and you have red swollen peepers...but I know I can't, and I know that you NEED to feel them so you can get started on what will be the most inner-thoughts-delving experience you are so fortunate to be able to explore.

Quickly, though for now, I will just close with a few things. For starters...did you know that you were one of the very small handful of people who helped me make my decision to go to the methadone clinic I'm now at? And more importantly, did you know you were also one of the few folks whom I trusted enough and whom I felt "got me" and therefore, because of that feeling you created, I listened to you, and you helped save my life the night I came here to this board contemplating suicide when I first posted here back in June?

Do you know how much it meant to me to share "move-theatre" pill stories with you? On that note, I have a new one to share with you (and Jen, too, if she sees this). Yours and my last movie theatre stories happened when we were in full blown addiction...I was with my kids seeing "Spiderman," and thought I'd dropped a pill on the floor as I was taking some hydro during the previews--so I could enjoy the flick more, you knew what I meant! I was preoccupied thru the whole movie, and when it was over, I was on the sticky, dirty, popcorn and pop-spilled on floor on my hands and knees trying to find that ONE stinkin' little pill! I even had ushers with flashlights helping me...and my kids saw the whole thing, do you remember? The way I recall your movie-theatre story, while in your seat, you used the opportunity of what you thought was a loud part of the movie to begin your search for a hydro and was digging around in your pill bottle with your finger (LOL...this cracks me up...trying to determine by size and shape which pill it was you were after) when then, all of a sudden the "then-loud" part of the movie became deafeningly quiet, so much so that much of what the other movie patrons heard was the sound of your finger going through your prescription bottle!

Well, I'm here to tell you that even in recovery, movie-theatre stories still happen, my sweet and honest gal pal, Sara. A few weeks ago, I decided to take my kids to see "Alien vs. Predator" and I kept thinking how cool it was going to be that for the first time, I was going on a movie outing with them without taking any pills for "enhancement!" Only problem was, when the flick was over and the curtain went up, thankfully the lights came on and I awoke from my having nodded off! Thankfully, I caught most of the movie so I could talk (or "bluff" I should say) my way through the post-movie gab session. Thank goodness, they didn't see me nodding off! I'm certain of that because they would have said something right away if they'd seen my "bobble-head!" They loved the movie & were totally engrossed in it, and fortunately the nod didn't hit me until almost the end, and it was sooooooo loud and they were so caught up in the big fight scene that they were on the edge of their seats, and they weren't looking at me. My daughter can't keep anything to herself and she would have said something immediately as she was sitting next to me.

So anyway, as Jen knows and is helping me understand, one of the side effects of the Methadone is drowsiness, and in the beginning especially, I was "nodding off" right and left. It was like narcolepsy as I could doze off at absolutely the most inappropriate times if I had the chance--never have I drank so much coffee in my life like I did the first month of being on methadone.

Enough about me, but I hope I gave you a laugh, Sara...and I will be back soon this afternoon or tonight, there is much I want to share with you.

With all my love, respect and admiration,