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Hi all, it's me DCV. It's been awhile since I visited the boards, I'm afraid my situation has gotten worse. Some of you warned me that self discipline was not enough to kick an Oxy addiction. So, let me say from the beginning, you were right so please, don't rub it in. I'm desperate now.

I have had limited success in my efforts to stop using percocet. I have been able to stop in phases, but never more than a couple of weeks. I've bounced in and out of use since my last visit to the boards. I'm ashamed of myself. I've never failed to accomplish anything I set my mind to, but this is a whole different ball game.

I am now to the point that I feel like I need to get on some kind of maintenance. I am not sure that methadone is what I want, due mostly to the fact that I have heard withdrawls from it are worse than from percocet. I've also heard it is just as addiciting, because it also makes you high.

And so, I'm interested in trying suboxone. I've heard good things about it, and even though it is addicting, I'm interested in it because it is also a good pain relief, which I truly need, but it doesn't make you high and thus reduces the risk of becoming "as" addicted to it as percocet.

Would someone who is using methadone or suboxone please give me a personal first hand account of the benefits and downside of both drugs?

1. Does it releive pain?
2. Do you expereince withdrawls? If so, how bad are they and what are the symptoms?
3. How long have you been using methadone or suboxone?
4. Does it make you high?
5. How long can you use it for?
6. Can you overdose from either?

Thank you in advance.


Banker, Godessgrl, Sammi, Octomon, Dallas Alice and Rockingham and others have written excellent first hand stories on both Sub (Banker, Sammi, Godessgrl, Octomon) and Methadone (Dallas Alice and Rockingham.) I am currently looking into Sub (Oxy problem - like you) :-( --but, as yet, have no personal experience to offer.

You sound so desperate and I am really sorry. I know the feeeling. Why don't you either check the Archives for recent threads on these topics--or put in an "emergency call"--a new thread-- asking these posters where to find their stories. I am going off-line now to bed (not feeling good--withdrawal plus recent surgery. (Not recommended together ! :-) -- but will check back tomorrow to make sure you found some helpful stuff.)

I promise you'll find their information very comforting....and I know from what I've read about Sub (I'm not familiar with Methodone), you feel almost "normal" within a day of starting it. At some point, you'll want to withdraw from the Sub...but at least you will have been taught the relief of a life not regulated by the oxys...and a chance to feel all the everyday joys in life, once more! Gotta go. my very best to you. :-) Lynn
[FONT=Arial Narrow]That's well said Twin.
DCV...Take a deep breath. You're okay. You've had setbacks, but you're ALIVE. There is nothing you can change in the past, but things can get better for you starting now. Don't expect to be judged for losing battles with Oxy here, as we all have many times.

I think it's possible to do a keyword search on this site for 'suboxone'? I'm kinda new here but maybe someone else knows the best way to do this. Because yeah there is a lot of info posted by me and others on the ups & downs of suboxone and methadone.

Quick answers on Suboxone:

1. Does it releive pain?
2. Do you expereince withdrawls?
They are liveable. Don't worry about this so much right now. The downside of sub-tapering is nothing compared to the benefits in my opinion.
3. How long have you been using suboxone?
About 6 months.
4. Does it make you high?
No. But DOES help a huge amount with cravings.
5. How long can you use it for?
I think the jury is still out on this one, but certainly many months if you need to.
6. Can you overdose?
Yes. But suboxone does not give you the craving to take more more & more. Of course you need to be careful with any opiate. These are no different.

Hope this helps for now. So much has been written here on Suboxone, it would take a couple of pages to repeat all the good info, so please rummage through some posts and do a search.

Hey DCV... I've missed talking with you. Listen, don't be ashamed... that's what all addicts feel. It's o.k. I'm just so happy that you are ready to do something about it and you will be saving your life.

I don't know if you remember me but I'm a HUGE Suboxone advocate. I've been on it since Dec 1st and it literally saved my life. I take about 10 - 12 mgs per day. It's so difficult to describe but ever since the very first hour of taking it, I have had NO desires (well, one time for about 1 min I had a craving but it was because I had forgotten to take Suboxone)... for lotab or any opiates since being on Sub. It will remove any cravings and help with pain. It also does not give you a high.. and you are right about Methadone. I've taken it (the pills) and all I wanted to do was take more and more. It was better than Lortab and I would have been buying it from the streets had I started taking it regularly.

I know you are prob thinking that you are going to miss the 'high' and you will... but it's absolutely nothing compared to trying to go it cold turkey or without anything to help. It's just like you have an itch.... and with addiction, you take pills to try and scratch it, but you reach a point where the pills are never enough... Suboxone satisfies the need and allows you to be clear minded... not drug searching and to live your life seeing it like it really is. It's just so hard to explain... But I promise you that the majority of people here who have taken it, have not regretted it... even when time to wean off and go through withdrawals...

You will have wds when you get off of it... and they do last longer than regular percocet/lortab withdrawals... but from all of the research I've done, it's worth it. The alternative is rehab and working an AA/NA program which certainly can be done. When you get on Suboxone and you are thinking about getting off of it (I just recently started tapering... simply because of the weight gain it causes - about 20 lbs for me) and a few times I've thought 'man, I wish i would have just stopped cold turkey... but the bottom line is I couldn't. I could not stop taking pills for anything... And therefore I do not regret getting on it. It has changed my life.

Stay in contact w/us and let us know how you are doing.
Sub is a lifesaver-but there are things to consider..
Ive been on it for a year-and im soo much better off-no cravings/no depression related to opiate w/d-two big ones-that can conjour up a relapse..
My husband does not have a sex drive since hes been on it-but i do..interesting..so i guess it depends..
A low dose can/will hold you after the initial detox-there is also a short term sub detox-3 weeks-i tried that but relapsed on my drug o' choice..but it does work for others..everyones differant-
I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is addicted to opiates..thats struggled w/ relapses/and have a long history of drug use..
This is not for low end addiction-taking a few pills a day-but for heroin/methadone/and the folks who take 10-up pills daily for over a year at least..because it is addictive in itself..not that you will abuse it-but it sticks to the receptors-and the body NEEDS it like the pills/dope.Ive never abused the sub-and i don't believe ive read anyone posting abuse issues.
So-if you feel like this is your only way out-and detox/rehab hasn't worked for you-i think you'll be really surprised how great this treatment is-
If you use other opiates while on it-you will NOt get the benifits of the med-it works if you work it-take as prescribed/no cheating-then you stabilise and get on the road to recovery-plus it blocks any high-so there is no point of trying-
Good luck-and we are here for you...
read up under the post "Alice, Jen, Rockingham....Help MMT Questions"

it has good info about methadone treatment DCV.

good luck bro :)
Banker and others,

I want to say up front what an absolute inspiration you all are. :angel: I can't even really remember how I found out about Suboxone, but I was looking on the internet last week for some help in getting off of Oxy and I knew I DID NOT want to go on Methadone. Mainly because I did not want to take the time to go to the clinic EVERY single day. But I was looking on some "recovery" website and found the words Suboxone and Subulex and the rest, as they say, is history. I have an appointment with a doctor next Thursday to get on this medication.

I have been on 180 mgs a day of Oxy for five years now. I have successfully weaned myself off the Duragesic (Fentynl) patch (that was a trip, but I lived through it), having taken off my last patch 10 days ago. I also take 8 - 10 mg. Norco's a day. Yes, I am definately an addict. I really never abused the Oxy (only because I respect it so much and did not want to die), but I eat the Norco like they are candy. Much of this has been trying to block out the pain of losing my 20 year old son 5 years ago. And now, I am ready to move on and try to regain a drug-free life again. :)

In speaking with the doctor, he indicated that he would probably start me on 24 mgs. a day. Does this sound like a "normal" starting dose? Can you tell me what to expect? Do the doctor's write you a script or do you have to go weekly do get the meds? There are some conflicting reports on how this drug is distributed, so I want your input. Also, as I am not insured for scripts, can anyone tell me how much it costs (approximately)? Also, what kind of weaning process can I expect, as I don't want to become "dependent" on this drug for life?

This board has been a godsend to me. It lets me know I am not alone and boy, are a lot of people in the same boat I am. But you all are a blessing because you are success stories.

I will be checking back for your replies.


I just wanted to pop in here and wish you the very best at your appt later this week. It looks like you've gotten a lot of great information on the suboxone; I'm sure the more information you have, the better chance you have of making the best decision for your recovery plan.

I don't want to get into a debate about methadone (God knows we've all seen plenty of opinions on this board)....but I did want to share one thing with you. I am not here to "sell" one recovery treatment from another, but feel it's wise to keep your options (and your mind) open to different methods of recovery. Certainly, your doctor will be a big influence on your choice; but it doesn't seem as though methadone got a fair shake in your thread. I have been on MMT (methadone maintenance treatment) for quite some time now, and I've said in numerous posts...it literally saved my life....and trust me...I needed something BADLY and QUICKLY to do just that.

I'll try to answer your questions so you can have a broader sense of what is available to you....

1. Does is relieve pain?
Methadone is used many times as a pain medication, without using it for opiate addiction. My personal experience is that it does work as a pain reliever.

2. Do you experience withdrawals?
I'm not sure if you mean...do you experience wd's from your drug of choice while taking the methadone, or do you experience wd's from methadone when it is time to discontinue use? As soon as you begin methadone treatment, any wd symptoms you are having will substantially subside. That is the concept of methadone treatment, it facilitates recovery by suppressing withdrawals while you work toward gaining knowledge and insight into your addiction and how to deal with "life" without the pills. Methadone isn't a quick fix, you need to seriously work on your recovery while taking the methadone. The clinic that I go to requires mandatory counseling along with the methadone treatment. Now, if you meant do you experience wd's from the methadone once you decide to discontinue it, the answer SHOULD be no, or very little. If you are tapered off of methadone under medical supervision at a SLOW AND METHODICAL RATE, your wd symptoms will be minimal at best. I really don't know why so many people swear to it's hellish wd factor...I have to assume they tapered off much too quickly. This is another reason why methadone should be considered more of a long term recovery plan...you shouldn't be in a hurry to get through the process.

3. How long have you been on it?
I have been on MMT for a couple years, and will probably be on it for a while yet. I have reasons for this, which are probably far too lengthy to address here. I will say that it has to do with that fact that I am on probation, and staying clean (verified by weekly UA's) is absolutely critical in my case. I cannot relapse, or I will lose everything. I am a chronic relapser which is another reason methadone was suggested by the rehab facility I was in at the time. I can get into more of the time issue with you if you want to at a later date.

4. Does it make you high?
Everyone describes this feeling a little differently. I would not say it makes you high, but it does give you a sense of well-being. You usually feel the methadone "kick in" about an hour to 2 hours after you dose. This feeling, or "buzz" as some people would call it, does in fact decrease over time, until you actually do not feel any kind of "buzz" at all. I guess for some people, this actually helps them deal with the whole idea of getting through the day without their normal narcotic buzz working it's wonders. Again, it is important to remember that everyone reacts a little differently.

5. How long can you use it?
I think this question should be answered by someone in the medical field. I am not a doctor and wouldn't feel comfortable even making a guess on this.

6. Can you overdose?
I'm sure like any other drug, if you choose to use it without reservation or regard to it's risks....you could certainly do some major harm to yourself, including overdose. You will not have methadone in your posession at the beginning of treatment . You will gain (or earn) more and more privileges with time, such as "take-homes".

I hope this information helps out. I hope your appointment goes well and you make a decision that will offer the best chance at recovery. Don't be so hard on yourself...we've all messed up. You are doing the right thing by taking a step in the right direction...cut yourself some slack.I know it's difficult to have any sort of self-respect when you're in the midst of a horrid addiction. You can (and will) make a HUGE change in your life....and please, please believe and trust me when I tell you it is SO WORTH IT!!!!! Life will be what you desire it to be....but only you can initiate the change. Fondly ~ Jen