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Hey There DJ

I was just getting ready to leave and I thought to myself....I wonder if there's anything on the board from DJ about whether or not he went to the clinic this morning...and there it was! I am so happy that things went as well as they did, but even more importantly, that you are feeling so much better. Isn't some of that "buzz" just coming from the fact that you know you're going to get through the day without those damn pills? Aaaahhhhhhh.......freedom. A new (and improved) life awaits you.

By the way..I want to say something...I did not mean to imply anything when I mentioned the "legal high"...I was hoping you wouldn't misinterpret that. I think I understand what you were saying...about almost hoping there was in fact some type of buzz with the methadone. Once we make that choice to get rid of our little pill friends, the mere thought of going through the day just plain old straight is undaunting. (especially if you had been living on pills for so many years, like I was) I guess it's as if we have enough courage to make that big decision to stop using, but not quite enough courage to sacrifice comfort, emotional and physical. I envy people who can go to rehab, come home, stay clean, and just continue to live their lives clean. I couldn't do that, I tried, I relapsed, over and over and over again. I needed a treatment that was going to suppress the withdrawal symptoms while I received counseling/therapy to understand my addictive behavior, patterns, etc...I had to understand the "why" of my obsession with pills....so I could deal with unresolved issues/feelings and learn how to deal with those issues in the future...WITHOUT my pills. The methadone does give you a sense of well-being, or what most people are fortunate to call..normal.

I knew from the beginning of my treatment this was going to be long term. There are several reasons for it, but I'm already rambling here...so I'll save that for another time (oh yippee) Anyway....I am so happy for you!!!!! You are facing a very positive change in your life, just stay true to the program/treatment and you will be on your way to a life worth living again, you'll even enjoy it!! Really! Try to understand also that it may take some time to reach that "stabilizing" dose, but you should be fairly comfortable while getting there. (Hang in there, it is worth it) So my friend, have a good day and I look forward to hearing from you about how you're feeling. Please remain as candid as you have been, and feel free to ask anything you want. Until next time................. Fondly ~ Jen
Hey DJ,

Glad to see your trip to the clinic went well...I remember your other post where you said you didn't get the greatest impression of the folks there, but it sounds a whole lot better now.

So it sounds like your first dose went well, also! Isn't it an odd feeling? I recall that I felt that buzz pretty strong the first week or two, and then it started to go away pretty fast...now 12 weeks later, I don't feel a thing except for some pain relief if I dose when I have a flare up of the myofascial pain and/or a headache, but no high or buzz or anything remotely like it. You'll have to let us know if you find yourself thinking of your pills...I really don't think you will. The way your post reads, it sounds as if you're really happy with the clinic and the results, so this could be it...this might be the way out for you, and I'm very happy for you :)!

It is pretty amazing to find yourself in such a different place in a matter of hours or days as it is with the methadone (and I suppose the sub, also). A whole new way of living is out there and it's not too late for any of us. That is what I used to be so stuck on, the "it's too late for me" mindset. I realize now that it's far from being too late, and I like this new life a lot. I just have to keep working on ways of dealing with what got me here in the first place so when it's time to taper off the meth, I can handle it better because that, I admit, is something I am truly concerned about. For now though, I am just enjoying this new world and my new way of seeing it and living in it. Nice to see you made it...!

Take care, and I would be curious to know how you do as you progress and what, if any, side effects you feel from the meth...especially the sweating! It was horrible in the beginning for me! Hang in there, I just know we can all do this.

I just made a new post about methadone.

How are you guys doing on it?

May I please ask what dosage you are at?

thank you
Methadone is perhaps better than illegal street drugs but it results in the exact same addiction.

There are theories that heroin addicts given their heroin legally can lead normal healthy lives (and hence that methadone users can live the same quality of lives as clean and sober addicts) but I disagree because constant use of any mind altering substance cuts off spiritual growth.

Even if medically opiates are relatively benign compared to say alcohol no human body functions better on drugs than off.

For more details on how to get off please take a look at my post:
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Don't sell yourself short. True Recovery is possible.