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Hello All :)

I just had a question about pre employment drug testing a Methadone usage. I take meth for chronic pain (along with vicodin for breakthru pain).

It's all legal and I take it strickly as directed by my doc.

I'm looking for a job (was laid off my last one) and am not sure about what will show up in a drug screen.

I'll be looking for "white collar" work...meaning no equipment usage or driving or anything like that. My work is in the technology field so there's no danger of getting hurt on the job such as construction or driving (or anything else I can think of).

Has anyone ever been in this situation? I don't know what any individual employer will check for besides the usual alcohol/pot/crank/cocain.

I wonder how I would find out what they check for before the check so I'll know to tell them I take the pain meds. On the outside I look/act like a totally "normal" person. You'd never know that I am a chronic pain sufferer unless I told you. I want to avoid the "stigma", or any preconcieved notions that a prospective employer may make if I tell them first, but on the other hand I don't want to be turned down for a job because of a "dirty" drug test.

Anybody have any advice?????

Thanks a bunch :bouncing:

ps: my prayers are with Sarandipity as she undergoes rehab (and everyone else on this board who is struggling)

Thanks for your info guys!!

I won't lie - I would never do that. I know they can't "technically" discriminate by not hiring me but it's really hard to prove if they turn me down for employment. I live in the states in a state where it's really tough for employees...it's way more employer friendly as far as discrimination/hiring/firing. I believe California is the best state as far as employee rights.

Anyhow, if push comes to shove and they DO require a test I will disclose the info as the Methadone WILL show up as an opiate.

In this tought job market....my state has the highest unemployment rate in the nation (Oregon)....I want to go in to any interview without unnecessary complications for the employer. Believe it or not, most people are not very well educated in how chronic pain folks deal with it and really can function just like everyone else although I did have a bad experience with my previous employer....they wanted our dept to work 80 hours a week for months to complete a project on time (I was a salaried employee but it even if I was hourly the extra money wouldn't have mattered). In THAT situation I had to have my doc write a note limiting me to only 50 hours a week and that was pushing it...he wanted to limit to 40 but I begged him to write 50. My boss looked down on me ever since that time cause I couldn't "pull my weight"...anyway, another loooong story.

Just don't want to present myself as any less dedicated or able to do the job.

thanks again!