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I'm on the sub for herion I was clean 5 years got my life together had a baby after he died I got pregnant again with in 4 months after he was born I got very very depressed then I got high again it lasted for a little over a month but long enough to get hooked again I went to detox they put me on methadone I didn't want to be on that so I looked for a differen't way found out about sub no one ever told me it would be the same way. I don't think my Dr even new what the long tern effects he's never had anyone stick with it. Now it's been a year and I want to be off of it. I don't have a week or two to be sick my son needs me to take care of him. Have you or anyone else ever heard of Subutex is it better I talked to my Dr yesterday about it and he's going to look in to it. Thanks for getting back to me I need all the encouragement I can get right now. Also has anyone tried colonidine for sub detox.
Oh please dont feel as if we dont care. I care I just wish I knew more about sub and how you feel and what your going through and I dont. I will give you support and words of encouragement. I really dont think Dr's know much about sub which is a shame the hell they are putting people through. Just like putting people on Ultram (tramadol) thinking its non addictive and telling people its non addictive and they are on here posting about the w/d's and they almost sound worse than the vicoden w/d's which is kinda what your going through you know not wanting to go through all the w/d's and other things with the methadone and now your going through it with the sub. This is very unfortunate. I guess we have to be more advocates with our health care then our drs are. I never second guess my Dr when he rx's me something which is how I got hooked on the vicoden and I have always been so afraid of trying any drugs cause I know I have an addicting personality. He he would have told me everything about its addicting facts would I have ever gotten it filled. Just like you, you could have weighed the sub and the meth if your Dr would have known more and done their research as they are the ones with the Doctorate degree not us they should know everything about what they give out and spend alot of time researching things too. But now we know that we have to do our part too. Alot of people switch one addiction for another but not in a positive way. Your switch is a positive one you dont wake up looking for your next fix, or getting $ for it, running the streets dealing with shady people and possibly ending up dead or in jail. Your able to the a good mother and raise and care for your child so this is positive although you dont see it like that right now yes its an addiction but there are alot of positives and go slow if you cant handle it go back and tell your dr you cant I see people running to get heroin or anything else to stop the sub w/d's so just do it slow and taper slow and you will be just fine. Best wishes to you and I hope someone with more knowledge comes through. Have you tried doing a search for suboxone withdrawls and see what comes up for you. I would try it you might just find what your looking for. :D hint!! Good luck and fight the good fight. Alot of us relapse and it sucks and the guilt and the shame and the self hate take over but we will get through it and your not alone!!!! Kim