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Hey PB,

I've been there. In my opinion, the only way out for people truly addicted is detox then a rehab(at least 28 days). You can go the Suboxone route if you want to have to kick another drug. Detox then rehab is the best way to go. You'll have to be honest with your husband. The detox is not bad...they won't let you die and you won't be too uncomfortable with the withdrawals. Rehab serves as a "resting period". You've put your brain/body through hell and both need a good rest. The meetings at the rehab will help you learn how to live without the drugs and will help you realize why you did the drugs in the first place. If you are sick of living this way then get your doc to line up a detox then a rehab for you. Go DIRECTLY from detox to rehab....don't go home in between. Maintain your sobriety with meetings after rehab. Getting to the point where you make the decision is the hardest part...the rest is fairly easy. Cold turkey at home rarely works. Tapering at home rarely works. Suboxone is another drug you'll have to kick. Methadone is another gorilla on your back. Do detox/rehab and be done with it. I've heard all the excuses....money, work, family.....none of that crap matters when you die from drug addiction. Go inpatient and get yourself together. The longer you put it off, the harder it is going to be.