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hi all
i am a chronic pain patient / addict i imagine. how these 2 things come together is very confusing to me. how can one get relief without becoming addicted. i have still not found any relief but have been on pain meds 2 years. i now am on 390mg oxycontin a day, still no relief or very little. i have just started 20 mg methadone with hopes of tapering off oxy and finding some relief. i know this is all wrong and yet need to get relief from pain. the dilemma is confusing the crap out of me. my bp is very high but can be better when pain is better. which one will kill me first? not feeling like i'm being clear but neither is the problem. its been a long road to get here and maybe this is just another bend. any comments??? thanks
Thanks Amy. I am on my 4th pain Dr and have just moved into this area after 25 years in same location. I have found the dr to be a big hurdle and most don't care or understand. I went the shot path a few times because they said it was worth a shot..lol then they bill you ungodly sums which might be worth something except they did more harm than good. I wish they would hear me and not be so stingy with the meds. My latest PM Dr is at least trying after raising oxy she says a new med methadone should be tryed. so far i only take a small dose at PM and she wants to wean me off oxy. Time goes slow with pain and the clock ticks till next dose my chest hurts from BP and i do fear dying before any resolve comes my way.
Hey Amy and Painman,

Methadone is not a "new" drug - it's been around for a looong time (maybe I misunderstood your post and your doc was saying it will be new to you).

I was on oxy 20mg 3 times a day w/vicodin 5/500 up to 4 per day for breakthru when I had insurance. The oxys were great for the pain, although I would wake up in a panick attack every morning. Did not know why.

Since I lost my job and my insurance my doc switched me the methadone (costs pennies per day instead of dollars per dose :) ). I take 20-30mgs of meth 2 times a day and still the same breakthru dose. Strangely with the meth I don't wake up in a panick attack nearly as much. I think maybe the oxy was the culprit.

Anyhow...Amy, I understand you when you say many people would not consider you sober. I'm guessing you are speaking of AA folks right? Well I couldn't have said it better... Sobriety is a state of mind....what a powerful statement!!!! Love that!!!! Let them walk a couple of FEET in your shoes and see how they feel. If AA helps you then it's no one's business WHAT you are taking for chronic pain, only what you are on to be high or how clean you are in your mind ... if that makes any sense. AA was not for me. I couldn't get a handle on the "helplessness" of it all. I don't think I am helpless. It is MY choice to go to the store and buy the beer, then drink it. I know it's wrong for me, and yes I have accepted Jesus into my life (finally). He knows what's up with me...he knows I wrecked my sobriety last night by drinking.

I am rambling....so I will close by saying painman...keep on keepin' on by trying to find a medication regimen that works for you. I know it's out there. Once you find it you'll feel soooo much better.

Both of you...don't even THINK about beating yourselves up for taking pain meds for pain releif. You know in your own heart if you are taking too many, or the reasons you are taking them. Remember...it's only human nature to try to NOT be in pain. It takes over your WHOLE life. Everyday things that non cp'rs deal with all the time absolutely put me in a depression (I'm even talking about as little as checking the damn mail and finding extra bills from docs and dentists for my daughter....I just fall apart and cry and cry).

People on the "other side" don't understand...they may try, and I mean really try to know what it's like but they can NEVER understand completely.

Please keep up the faith. I'll say a prayer for you both (No...I'm not a religious fanatic, in fact I'm still trying to resolve the whole religion thing for myself but I know (I can feel it in my heart) that it's the right path for me.

hi .im 38 and dealt with adiction in my past ,you know pot ,coke, pills, crack.well i went to aa and other in and out patiant programs.had some sucsess but just cronic relapser.now the last 4 years i had 3 back surguries and a pelthra of pain meds.this is the big qestion[sorry about my spelling]am i now an addict again or just dependent.to me im just dependent because all i do is control my pain so i can live life.i dont get high i dont drink i take methadone im doing well this way.i hope just knowing were out here gives some peace of mind.your friend .andy