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Hey Y'all,

I ain't a doc and these questions are for a doc. Most docs aren't very informed so they just throw dope down your throat. In my opinion the Klonipin and the Effexor are NOT to be cold turkeyed !!! The Klonipin is dangerous and if you cold turkey that stuff you could die. Really. I think Klonipin and Effexor are crap....but that's just me. As for the Suboxone route...well, I don't know about what dose = cold turkey or Suboxone. I'd say that under 50 Lortab/Vicodin per day should be cold turkeyed ONLY with the help of a MEDICALLY-SUPERVISED DETOX. I know a bunch of junkies who have gone the Suboxone route only to wish they had cold turkeyed. As for Oxycontin, MSContin, Oxycodone, Percocet, Percodan....that really depends on the dose. I say go to a MEDICAL DETOX and DON'T jump on the Suboxone or Methadone. I'm for getting the dopesickness overwith for good. To hell with lingering around feeling like crap and trying to kick something else(methadone kick is brutal). To each his own....whatever works. If it is a taper, Suboxone (not Methadone !), medically-supervised detox.....hey, if it works.....great....that's the goal.