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To all who is interested, I am doing pretty good lately.

I have been on methadone for about 2 months,
went to dr. a few days ago, and he dropped me down to
2 a day now, then in two weeks, I will take one a day for
2 more weeks.
I asked him if after I am finished with one a day for 2 weeks,
I could take 5mg a day for 2 weeks then I will be all finished.
He said that would be okay.

I had a strange phone call from some online pharmacy
asking if I would like my refill of viciden.......
I said no thank you, I don't take that anymore
and it felt so good.
(by the way I dont even know what company it was for
sure and I have never gotten that type of call before, but
it still felt good to tell them NO!!).

Everyone take care and have a great weekend.