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:bouncing: Shak, Bless your heart. I am really proud of you for turning down the "oxcy". Those pills scare the heck out of me. I have never taken them but I know people that have. I have spinal problems also and fibromyalgia. I go to a pain clinic and I have been taking Methadone 10 mg. 4 times a day. I usually only take 2/day on my good days. They don't take the pain away completely, nothing does, but they take the "edge" off. I have taken other meds. like the infamous Lortab but I have built up such a tolerance that they don't work for me at all anymore. That is why I would take so many during the day. With Methadone I take them as prescribed. I haven't posted much and am new to this Message Board but I have been keeping up with this thread and have found it to be very helpful. I have learned a few things from this thread and really enjoy it. That is why I was concerned about you because I knew you were going to the doc. yesterday. And I missed hearing from you. Everyone seems so nice and concerned about one and other that I really enjoy reading these threads. I am an addict and I know it. I am also a recovering alcholic...almost 8 yrs. sober. So I am very aware of what this "stuff" can do to people. But there is a way out! I also know that "we" can't do it alone and we don't have too! Have a terrific day. "One Day at a Time"! :angel: