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I havent even been clean for a month. For a month or two I have withdrawled (sp) from pills, but the depression kills me. But now even when I take norco I'm depressed. I have heard tons of advice, exercise, which i dont do. Don't have time to do, vitamins, which i havent bought...etc. My girlfriend went on methadone, because she couldnt get off. I can but now, because I was abusing them for so long I'm a addict. I can get off, but staying off...I dont know. Im going to see a doctor on the 22nd. If I dont feel better, if I cant stop. I'm scared of anti depressants too. esp zoloft. My g/f was on it at one point and she basically felt nothing. no happy, sad, love, nothing. But I know they arent all bad and everyone is different. I just need to talk to people. I've considered NA and im going to go b/c she has to on the methadone program. I guess we shall just see...wallowing in self pity isnt going to help *****. Good luck to you. After 3 months though, considering i cant stand three days of depression, i would try anti depressants.