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Hi Baseball,

Although we've never really "met," I've followed your story for awhile now, and I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am that this situation happened. It's hard enough when we're addicted to get the nerve up to speak to a health professional about our addiction, and then to get all geared up the way you did--combined with the roadtrip you took--only to find out you weren't going to be treated either medically or professionally, well...to say "what a bummer" is surely an understatement.

I found it odd that you weren't told you had to be in some stage of withdrawal prior to starting the sub? And even if that is the case, I'm surprised they didn't at least send you on your way with a script so you could get started at the appropriate time without having to make this trip all over again! (since you knew what pharmacy you could go to to get them...or at least they could call it in I'd think...?)

But I am not very well-versed on the sub as I am on methadone for my prior 15/day vicodin habit (the 10/325s so about 150 mgs. a day of the hydro). The only info on sub I know is what I read here combined with a little they offer at my clinic. Sub is an option at this clinic I go to, but for some reason it is not offered at the sliding scale pay rate, so it would have cost me around $4-500/mth for it, and I was able to go the methadone way for $180/mth. If I could have afforded it, I might have tried the sub as I'm concerned about when it comes time to get off the meth, but oh well...for now it has worked and has literally saved me...not just in funds, but in less stress (you know, worrying and wondering about "who, when & where" the next refill was going to come from?!), and it really did work for me...since I've found my stable dose, I no longer crave the hydro. I am glad to see you have insurance (I didn't) that will help with the cost of the sub, and as you say...it is reasonable compared to the price of addiction. I was easily spending anywhere between $3-$500/mth on the hydros, and now I have a stack of maxed out credit card bills to deal with as a result. I didn't want to keep adding to my debt, so again, that is probably the main reason I went with the meth. Please don't think my post is to encourage you to do the methadone in any way! I am writing you because I am just truly sorry for your experience given your past posts, and I mention the meth only because I was unable to afford the sub.

I hope you will keep trying to find a way to get off the hydros...I didn't know either that when I wanted to start the meth that I had to be in a minor state of w/ds, so I went home that first day, and I had promised the clinic dr. I wouldn't take anything after midnight and I'd come back the next day to start dosing. By the time I took my first dose, I had been without a hydro for approximately 10 hours, which wasn't anywhere near the w/ds I'd put myself into trying to go c/t, but they said that was enough and dosed me that day. I wonder if it would have been the same if I had chosen the sub, hmmmm? Well, anyway...once again I hope you find a way to get on the sub as I've read here that it is truly a life-saver, and given what you've already been through in the recent past, I know your desire to quit this is very strong.

Good luck to you and best wishes,

Dallas Alice
Hi Dallas Alice
Thanks for listening.

I was actually talking/writing about 2 different doctors in that post.Just like my kids when they are all emotionally juiced, I started to talk about 2 different things at once.I was reeeeeeeally ANGRY.

The QUACK in my post is the Addiction Psychologist that my insurance sent me to.He's the one who was originally willing to prescribe sub,I did the paperwork for,and that didn't know I was STILL addicted even though I'd written it down about 20 times.

The Dr. out of town specializes in hydro/oxy patients,and I have an appointment with him next Thursday afternoon/overnighter/Friday AM.He only takes cash,though it's relatively affordable if you take into consideration the expense of our addiction. I asked my insurance if they would pay,but their answer is " but we're already sending you to a guy....what else do you need?"

Anyways....I found him myself after hours of phone calls and searching the web.I actually got a clue from this board,though I'll not repeat it,as I noticed that post was removed....I re-read the rules and realized that even discussions about where to find help are to be personal and not posted if they have names,cities, etc.

I have followed the "stats" on this board,and it seems like the people who have some kind of taper/substitute i.e. sub or methadone seem to stay away from the pills/dope a lot better than the CT's.

When I wen thru "rapid de-tox" last time,I didn't realize it was the sub still in my system that was making me feel so OK.I could actually graph my collapse backwards to the day I left.I know sub stays in your system for 36-72 hours,which is why it takes about 3 days to feel all the way OK,and why it takes about 3 days to totally meltdown.

I also noticed that the majority of us are parents...workers,and seem to all be around the same age group plus or minus a decade....coincidence???

---thanks for listening