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Ah Sara,

I'm so very happy that you are back and that you are sharing your experience at the rehab with us! I thought about you often while you were away, and I would ponder the "I wonder what Sara is doing right now?" scenario almost every day...especially when I was either heading to, or at my methadone clinic. You've given us a great insight into the world of rehab and the necessity of a higher power, and because you are someone I feel I know, like we've met in a way, I trust your words a lot, and I put much weight on them. I don't mean to make that into a large responsibility for you, I just want you to know that I trust and believe what you have written us, and that is primarily that we can't do this alone, and there is a lot of hard, hard work that surrounds being sober. My only frame of reference is the one little meeting I went to on my birthday, and I felt so very good afterwards, that I posted about it here on my b'day thread that Lisa started. The main thing I left that mtg. with is the knowledge that I have only barely begun to scratch the surface of this thing called addiction and recovery. I know that the tip of the tip of the iceberg is all I've seen, and even that little bit has changed me. I can only imagine what a month of condensed, intense treatment such as what you had can do for a person! And I am so very happy for you that you did it...and a bit jealous, too! ;) I think I would be scared to death to go and do something like what you did as the reality of facing this is still a ways away for me, you know what I mean? I know the words, the cliche's, the medical terms, etc., but to actually deal with myself so close up and personal is a very scary sounding act. I hope to read more of your experience at this place as it is very motivating and powerful stuff to read, to say the least.

You are different, but there are still many of the original parts of the Sara I've grown so fond of that are still apparent in you. It is as if you have been able to blend together the old and new Sara into the person you are now, and the way you describe life and all that goes with it is very stirring...it is exciting to read and I can sense the intensity in your words, and yet your humor has remained, as has your love of your fellow addicts and cyber friends :).

I'm happy you are home, and I can't wait to read more from you and hear about not just your rehab experience, but how you are now living your everyday life. When do you go back to work? I will be interested in hearing how you are received when you go back in! I hope they continue to be kind and understanding. And Sara, with this new knowledge and the new tools you have to help you on your way, how do you think you will deal with your ex now? I think a lot will be different for you...you are in control, and you have a new life to get out there and live, and I desperately want to know how the old habits and ways of interacting with people (like your ex and your work) will be replaced now that you have this renewed feeling of self.

With all my love and much respect for what you've accomplished...

Your friend, Dallas