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I wish I could say that I knew anyone who got off and stayed off suboxone. I just don't. I am sure they exist but there are probably relatively few. The medication is made to be taken for a lifetime. I have tried a few times and have gotten down as low as .6 mg a day (of the injectable form). I did it very slowly but always at some point I gave up. By that I mean after six weeks of not adjusting to the dose change I increased it again. I have a wife and child to support so I can't afford to be endlessly drug sick.

I have also tried to switch back to oxycodone. But even in high doses I could not stand the withdrawals from the buprenorphine. Even methadone does not seem to prevent the withdrawals. This drug is in a class of its own. A typical narcotic but in some way it is different. I am to the point now, that I may well be on it the rest of my life. I hate the idea but that seems to be a real possiblity. There are times when I curse the day I ever used it even though it saved my life.

Everyone is different so don't let my experience discourage you. If you stay with it sooner or later your brain and body will adjust.

Peace Out
Joe, I have been following your post's since day one of you getting off the oxy's. I have never taken them because I have heard soooo many horror stories about them. And I had never heard of the Sub's either until I started reading this message board. But from what I have read I am not sure Sub's are any better. I don't know cause I don't know anything about Sub's. Just what I have read. I have heard the W/D's from them are really bad. But then again W/D's from anything addictive is bad and should only be done under a doc's supervision as far as I am concerned, especially if you have other health issues. But the reason I am responding to your post is that I would like to suggest that you take a good all purpose vitamin and some additional Vitamin B's and Thiamin. Taking pain med's depletes your body of natural vitamins badly. That is one reasons that we have absolutely NO ENERGY when we are trying to get off of this stuff!! So eat WELL and take vitamins. Also a nice glass of orange juice with a teaspoon of honey in it will help and it also helps with cravings. At least it does for alcohol w/d. But it can't hurt you. We have done so much damage to our bodies over the years of abuse with drugs and/or alcohol that it is going to take time to replenish our bodies with the "good" things. I know cause I have been there and still take pain meds. I take Methadone. That is why I read this message board because I am an addict and this board helps me a lot and I have learned a lot from all of you. And I like to share my experience, strength and hope. I have been sober for almost 8 yrs. but I am still a "slave" to those darn pills. I wish you luck and take care of yourself--no one else will! S