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The drug test will not be able to distinguish which opiate that you are taking.There arent seperate tests for lortab,codiene,oxy's etc.The only one that will come up negative is methadone but it will be positive for meth if that is part of the tests spectrum.Most drug test do not test for meth or sub because it is more expensive then the normal opiate,benzo etc test.
Hey Ken,
You mentioned earlier they don't test for Meth and Sub because they are so expensive. I don't know about the cost of Sub, but Methadone is very inexpensive. I just read on one of the boards from someone who was detoxing through a clinic. If I remember right, the Sub was about three to four times the cost (of Methadone) each month.
The test for Sub is expensive and thats why most dont test for that and the meth test will come back negative for opiates and positive for methadone.