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I'm sorry that you are going through such a rough time. I commend you for wanting to get informed about your husband's disease. It will help both of you get through this. Unfortunately addiction is a disease that never goes away...you will both be dealing with this forever but it can get better and stay better from here on out with hard work!

First, many facilities still use methadone for detox. Heroin, oxycontin, vicodin, percocet etc. etc. are ALL opiates. They are all essentially the same "drug" but in varying forms and with slightly varying effects. Really, the only difference between heroin and percocet is that it still sounds "bad" in society to be a heroin addict, but somehow percocet is more acceptable! it's all the same....

Detox from methadone can be very bad, but that is when someone has been on methadone for a longer period of time as in maintanence treatment. If your husband is in a detox facility, they will know how to dose and monitor him so that he does not become physically addicted to the methadone while they get his body off of the other pills. But he will still have some symptoms such as restlessness, stomach problems, insomnia, anxiety, irritability...these can last a while.
As far as how long he should stay in the detox, he should stay however long they tell him too! Definitely defer to the doctor's on that one.

The hardest part of detox is that even once your body is "free" of the drugs, you are by no means all better. In my opinion, that's when the real work has to begin. Almost all of us have made the mistake of thinking that once we can get off of the drugs, we'll be fine and will never use again. Then, we get "clean" for a week or so and are sidelined by the emotional pain, and our lack of ability to deal with the real world now that our buffers are gone. The depression can be unreal. I HIGHLY recommend that your husband go to some type of inpatient rehab, for at least 28 days. This will give him at least a little time to get the tools for how to live clean and sober. Again, 28 days will by no means be a cure, but it's much better than just a week or so in a detox. He needs to learn about how to get support, about the 12-step programs, about the relapse process and how to spot it...well, as anyone on this board who has been to rehab can tell you, there is ALOT to learn about how to even begin to live a sober life. Plus, the support he'll get from other addicts there is invaluable. It's indescribable.

Furthermore, you need some time to get help for yourself. You have been thrown into a spin cycle of emotions here I'm sure. There are plenty of people to support you, such as Al-Anon groups or family counseling through the rehab centers. It is VERY important that you get support and education for yourself, not only so you can be there for your husband, but also so you don't lose yourself in this process.

About suboxone, it does exist and for many has been a miracle medication. It can be used solely for detox, or for maintanence. It is similiar in theory to methadone, in that it is a replacement that fills similiar receptor sites in the brain, but is longer acting and not as addictive as the other opiates. it also does not provide anything like the euphoria the other pills provide. I used to call it the warm-centered-narcotic-calm! But since the suboxone does hit the same receptor sites, it can do wonders for staving off cravings, helping with depression and anxiety and basically everything. If you do an internet search on Suboxone you'll find a wealth of info. And the detox facility your husband is in will know about it even if they are not using it yet.

I hope that i haven't flooded you with too much info. I just really want to impress on you how important it is have continued support for understanding that this is a life-long, chronic and potentially fatal disease. But it can be kept successfully in remission with the proper attention and care. PLEASE look into a longer term rehab for your husband. I'm sure other people on this board will back me up that no matter what the excuse is for NOT doing it, the bottom line is that it is absolutely necessary. I don't think anyone goes happily skipping off to rehab, but almost everyone I know who went found it a wonderful experience.

Please keep us posted and ask whatever questions you have!

1. Haven't detoxed personally...so I can't say much to help. But...are you sure the Methadone is not being given for just a very short period through the detox process?? Can you and your husband sit down with the person in charge and get all these questions answered, so you won't be so worried?

2. Yes, Suboxone (and Subcutex) are for many a "miracle" drug. There is so much information on this board (in fact, one guy "Baseball" has a post up right now, you can check.)

But--also----type in "suboxone", when a little box comes up after hitting the word "search" on the top of the page (don't hit the entire internet search box, which is great..but you won't get all the personal stories like you will from this Board.) You will get loads of posts about suboxone coming up. Also--you can use the Archives, here. Look for past posts from Goddessgrl, Sammi, Banker. And there are many more.

I plan to try Suboxone, myself, very soon for my opiate addiction. Many people on this board take it (it's a pill) and have been greatly helped. It does has to be tapered off very slowly....but it has been a life saver for those who can't get through the symptoms of withdrawal--i.e., the depression, etc.

Hope your husband is "on the mend" soon. This is hard on BOTH of you. Please keep in touch with us. best, Lynn
He needs to stay in detox and you might want to go to Al-Anon. I don't like the idea of him getting methadone treatment(prolonging the agony) but the docs will watch him. Suboxone is a maintenance drug and if he's already started "kicking"(detoxing) and is 4 days into it then he shouldn't bail out with Suboxone(my opinion). He is in the best place he can be right now. Make darned sure he goes to meetings when he's done with detox. A 28 day rehab is HIGHLY recommended. Going straight from detox to the street is difficult and sobriety-threatening. 28 days is a rehab for rest and meetings is a good way for him to stay clean...he'll get good tools at a rehab.

good luck
I do not know where you are from however, I live in Canada and here Methadone is only used to treat Heroin addiction. It might have changed in the recent year or two but, I don't believe so. I think it is going to be more common for it to be used to treat pill adiction. I understand from stories on this board that it is commonly prescribed in the U.S. for treatment for other opiate addictions. I at one time would not have encourage the use of Methadone however, after first hand experience to see it's ability to let the addict function and be able to seek recovery changed my mind. It is a drug that does not get you high, but blocks the receptors in your brain so you are unable to get high from another opiate, however if he is dual addicted opiate/stimulant he still will get high from the stimulants. I have found from talking to addicts that withdraw from Methadone that if done properly under a Doctor's care the withdrawals are virtually nil. I usually stayed in the detox for 7 to 10 days however, I chose after a few detoxes to go to a long term rehab facility. I believe that if he is not willing to get into a recovery program when he returns home the time spent in the detox will not be enough. They do counsel in there on different programs though.