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I was raised in the quite opposite....atheist,drinking non-judgemental kind of ultra-hipster upbringing and I STILL have the feelings of guilt and superficiality that you speak of. And....just to compound the guilt...I haven't been in pain for 5 years.
I read the groundbreaking and controversial "Healing Back Pain" by Dr. John Sarno,did his 15 minute a day review,and was out of the chronic pain center and playing Baseball again in 3 weeks....a literal MIRACLE.
So,when I became addicted,I've had the compounded guilt of knowing I have no real pain(inspite of the surgeries and the MRI's)
However,the "superdad" super-employee powers of Hydro went away and left "Lethargic" dad and "cynical" dad....

I failed utterly at being completely sober....after hydro,I didn't even enjoy alcohol...I used to like a couple of shots now and then,but they were joyless.

I was wondering why you haven't investigated Methadone or Sub?

It's cheaper than buying all the Hydro,it's legal,and both have painkilling properties.I'm on my fourth day of Subutex and I haven't had any of the "oh my god..I'm going to die" feelings,a little mild nausea (phenergan took it right away) and a little drowsy (My doc wants us to err on the side of over rather than under medicated) but I've had ZERO cravings.
Like I said,I'm not in Pain,but they say that Subutex IS a long acting(24-36 hour) pain reliever...thats what it was invented for...it's opiate detoxing properties were something they discovered after it was invented.

I'm staying on it for Maintainance this time....months...could be over a year.I like you have the most guilt associated with my parental responsibilities,and when I was CT I was unable to function....Even my wife was concerned about me quitting...she's seen me totally sober(LOL!!)

anyways,whatever you do, God still loves you,so stop writing silly things at the end of your posts!!!!

We are all here to find something,and your just on your way to whatever your something is supposed to be.

"......Those who are well have no need of a physician,but those who are sick; I have come not to call the righteous,but sinners to repentance."

I am one sinning sack of Baseballs.....so I know at least one guy is on my side!

---you're on the way...