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My g/f went on methadone for her pill addiction. I stopped myself. I have taken them hear and there since she has been on the methadone appx a month and a half. My problem is my depression. She is worried about it. So we have talked extensivly about what I should do about it. Stopping the pills completely is what causes the depression. I was on them a year. She had legitimate pain, most the time. Other times we were just playing around. Regardless it got out of control. So I can quit the pills w/d's wise. I've proved that enough. But getting out of the funk...I dont know. I have alot to do. Lucky, you have your mom as a support system. But if your b/f isnt going to be there for you, or recognize the problem...its going to be hard. I don't think you can stay together if you dont get off it together. Because addiction is hard enough. My g/f is on methadone, but if she knows I took pills she wants to even though she can't feel them. So imagine you getting off and him taking pills, you will want to...if it were me i would break down. You have some hard decisions to make, good luck.