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:) Hello. I Goddesgrl... I've missed you. Tell me how you are doing... how much are you on, if at all anymore?

Baseball 65 --- How much were you taking before the Sub and what was it? I believe you are still taking too much.... if I took too much, I would feel nauseated... maybe you are one of the lucky ones and really only need around 4 total... seriously, there are people that only take 2 mgs a day and are fine. Remember, they make the 2 mg pill for a reason. I think you are still taking too much so try to drop it down again. But unless you were in oxy or methadone, I don't know why you would still be feeling such strong wds...??? I don't think you've been on it long enough to be dependant on it??? Anyway, are you going to stay on it for a long time or what is your plan? And I'm very happy that you decided to get help. Congrats on saving your life!!
Can I ask what the sub is about? I am a recovering dope fein with three years off the crap but all we had was methadone.
Hey jess-
Suboxone is similar to methadone..replacement therapy-but it has antagonist properties-so its an opiate/that works on certain receptors but not others..
You can get it in a drs office/as opposed to a clinic-its a sublingual pill(melt) under the tongue-Voila! zero w/ds-zero cravings-
I was also addicted to H for several yrs..my only way out..of my last relapse..haven't touched a drop in a yr..did have a couple yrs. straight before that last fling.
Its really amazing-cos there are no cravings-also if you use-no high..i tried..didn't work..
hope this informs..
ggrl :angel:
So no wd and no cravings huh? Thanks. It is about time they came up with something other than methadone. I have seen on the boards that some people get a little sick. Is that form dope or the meds? That is really good that they came up with something else. But how if it is a opiate could it not make you physically addicted? You keep your head up cuz that crap is hard to beat but it is possible. I was way bad for five years. I was up to 200 mg of meth for almost two years and on crack and pills and booze for the crack and sooo wacked. I am not sure if I am normal but to the rest of the world I am now. I am a honest person, reliable, and very hard working. I pay bills and lead a very normal life three years later. It did not happen over night though. Honestly I was convinced I would be on methadone for the rest of my life. I am even having my first baby and married to recovering addict too. It is way weird.