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Another thing that you are going to need to do is train your thinking. Like when you find yourself day dreaming about the drug you need to cut those thoughts short and find some really awful thought to immediatly make yourself think about. For me because I was a methadone and crack head I would think about the most awful memory I had. It was one time that I was in a bathroom with blood everywhere. It has to be a thought that disgusts yourself about you being on the drug. Any time I saw anything that reminded me of using I turned away and thought of my awful thought. The thoughts can be real dangerous so you need to try to find a way to mess with them back. I am 28 from a rich family, white, from the nice suburbs and a good home life. I wound up ruining my life with drugs. It all started out smoking a little pot when I was sixteen and then came a little mushrooms and acid and eventually a little cocain and then the ex and then I tried snorting this china white up my noise. To me it was just one more white substance to party with. I had no idea about heroin. None! Next thing you know I am way out there , a liar, a thief, and had no one left in the whole world. I did not blame them either because I was a piece of crap. I wound up on 200mg of methadon, tons of crack, pills, and a pint of vodka a night to come down off the vodka. There was no more way out. It has been three years and I was convinced three years ago I would be on methadone for the rest of my life. Sorry I did not mean to ramble Good luck.