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I wanted to let you know how my methadone treatment went.

I could not find my origional post.

I started on the methadone approx. 3 months ago,
dr. started me at 8, then every 2 weeks he would drop me down

Some of you were not sure that plan would work........

Well, I am one week meth. free or any other kind of narcotic.

I am not going to say it was a perfect plan for everyone, but it is working for me.
Minimal w/d. And I mean very minimal. on a scale of 1-10 maybe a 2.

Please everyone dont burst my bubble and tell me that this is not going to work for me.
I am taking vitamins, trying to stay busy, positive attitude, etc.
I need to make an appt to see my dr. in a few days.

My big deal now is trying to learn how to live again without the pills.
I have to face issues I did not have to face, I have to learn how to talk to people, go to the grocery store. and if this seems silly to people then i am sorry but thats how i feel. I had terrable period cramps and headache yesterday, (that i could never feel before cause I was always doped up), and I told hubby I wish I could get some and let you hang on to them for when I really needed them---he just shook his head, and I said ya, silly idea, I would be begging you for them every day!

Do you think I will make it? I DO!!!!! It was my goal to be clean by the holidays and by gosh that is what is going to happen.

Anyway I had not posted in a long time so I thought I would let you know how i was.
thanks everyone.

I have heard of sub but I dont know anything about it.
How long have you been on it? Do you wean off it like I did the methadone?
Good luck to you!

by the way, when you said it took 7 days; does that mean 7 days after your last sub pill??
Because today is 7 days after my last methadone.
what helped you get through the w/d?
I am still a little weak and I have a little bit of leg cramps.
Oh that is so great about you and your girl; I have a precious 4 yr. old daughter and I know what you mean about those special moments; not that I am anywhere near where you are at. You have come a long way baby!!!!!!!
I am trying to look at how blessed I am, I have a great husband 3 beautiful kids, plenty of money to get us by, acutally, no problems.........I think I used to take the pills (one of the reasons) because, look at my life its too good to be true, what if this and what if that (I am sure becuase of the death of my first husband and brother).
I worry about bad things that could happen to me or my family.......you know, invent things in my mind. but I am working on that with my therapist, and I am also on paxil 60mg and take a valium or 2 a day. (hubby hangs on to them and says I am going to have to taper off those too. he also hung on to my methadone bless his heart)
Good to hear from you-I know YOU can do this-if you want it-it can be done.
Im happy to hear the plan worked for you-and you didn't have to go thru hell!
Thats awesome!
If you feel weak/depressed-make sure you can talk to someone-do you have a therapist-or are ya gonna do meetings-whats your plan?
It is very inspiring to those of us-on maitainence..(suboxone is similar to methadone-but w/ other properties-still a very strong med to stave w/d's.
Valerian is very good-ive used it-lots of hot baths-make sure you treat yourself-in healthy ways..
All the love/good things for you-julie.
Goddess Bless you! :angel:
Hi there, this is Pat. A guy down in Texas. I made my first post several days ago. "oxycontin withdrawl". You can catch my story there. Just wanted to congratulate you. I kicked methadone 16 years ago. Was taking 85 to 100mg for ten years. Did it cold turkey. Absolutly the worst thing I have ever went thru. Did'nt sleep for 21 days and did'nt feel human for several months. Hope you keep staying clean your first priority and you have support. NA has been great for me all these years. You're doing great....keep it up!!!! Don't use-just for today. Pat.
Hey Julie, Pat again. Good to hear from you. To answer your question about me having doctor's care for my methadone withdrawl....yes and no. I saw an addictionologist(md trained in the addiction field) and he wanted to put me on some meds, but I made the choice to not take anything. I did go see him every few days. My blood pressure went up kinda high. He monitered that. I just bit the bullit and went thru the pain and agony. Iwouldn't really suggest that to anyone else. As far as I know and have researched, no one has ever died from narcotic withdrawl. You feel like you will while CT, but you won't. Just my story and experience. By the way, where are you? Texas weather sucks tonight...cold and rainy. Your friend in recovery, Pat.
HI everyone.
15 days today since my last methadone pill.

Today I have 2 appts:
One with my therapist, and one with the Dr. that prescribed the methadone for me.
Interersted to know what my methadone dr. will say today. he is very blunt and not real ............. well i was going to say "not understanding" but I think he is.
Hard to explain this person.
Anyway I ended the methadone 2 weeks early becuase I just could not handle taking 1/2 pill a day for 2 weeks (which was my idea in the first place). He probably will be glad I did it that way because he had asked me a few times if I wanted to "speed up the process" just not in those exact words.
Still no appitite. Bowels still screwed up. Still waking up every morn. around 4am and having a hard time getting back to sleep. Oh dont get me wrong I am not in misery, I am just still not "back to normal". I know its just gonna take time .
He called in a refill for me for the valium. it says take 1/2 to 1 pill a day 5mg.
geez i have been taking 3 or 4 a day for anxiety, and I will tell him that.
Thats not very much dont you think?
Anyway I sure have been in a crappy mood the past week or so, so much to do, so much coming up, the holidays, bday for daughter, teenage boys, etc etc etc.
the good part is that I really dont think of the hydros. or crave them becuase I know that its not an option for me.
I am just trying to get back to normal!!!!!!!!
I think if I quit smoking I would have more energy and feel better too.
thanks for letting me ramble
hi guys

went to therapist, she gave me some pretty good advice, and I am going to go see her again next week.

went to methadone dr. and he was actually really understanding and he told me 4 valium a day was okay, but he will only let me do it for 2 months and then will taper me off of them.
I told him a way I was getting my hydrocodone (I know I cannot mention it here) and he was quite surprised and interested so tomorrow I am going to email him some information............maybe it would help him with future methadone patients to see that there are easy ways to get access to the pain pills.........who knows?
Anyway I am just checking in.
hope all is well with everyone.
At some point you just have to decide that other people can't always tell you what will work and what won't. I was on methadone and I personally would never recommend it to anyone BUT I also know from three years clean from 200mg of methadone and long time heroin use that each individual has their own things that work for them. Three years later something worked and it was never all of any way to be clean. I think it was a mix of things that worked and eventually I just decided that it was over and I was done and there would be no more exuses of why I relapsed because those days were over. It was not easy but it was still easier than those days. It took a lot of learning how to live again and it all felt really weird. The whole world looked different and I just decided that no matter what it took I was going to learn how to do life the right way. In the very overwhelming times and uncomfortable times(all the time in the beggining) I just had faith that it would feel normal later if I did it enough. Now the thought of those days and the way I was is like a movie I saw. I had to learn everything again. It is not silly. It is right. E mail me any time. You keep looking foward and don't look back. It is worth it.