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I called my pharmacy about the kava, and told one of the ladies there i heard it was good for headaches and pains and wanted to know if they had any. they did, and she knew i was on an antidepressant so she said she would ask the pharmacist and call back.

the pharmacist called back and said there were many other better things on the market that I could take,and I came clean with her and explained the hydro. abuse, then the methadone treatment, then told her I was 8 days off and having tiny withdrawls. she said that it would be okay to take it for about 2 weeks she thought.

There have been alot of cases of liver damage of kava..... :

anyway I just wanted to say thanks. :wave:

Checking in with you today to see how you are doing.

Me, about the same.
Hubby got up and went to Church, the kids and I stayed home (not the norm.)

I have been having trouble sleeping, which never has been a prob. for me.
about the past week and a half maybe.

I always wake up at the same time around 4am and cant get back to sleep.
not good since i have a 4yr old and I also babysit.
I took 2 tylenol pm one night and I slept straight through so maybe I should try that again.

I need to see my methadone dr. next week, he wanted to see me a month after my last visit.
I only have 4 valium left and I guess I will ask him for a refill......valium really does nothing for me so maybe I wont bother to even ask.
Its just nice to have on hand "just incase".

Hope you are doing good.