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Hi Ed~
I totally understand your fear and apprehension about getting involved with another drug that can cause painful withdrawal. Like yourself, I have experienced nightmarish withdrawals in my life, from percocet, methadone, zanax, etc. That was over 16 years ago. In 1988 I went into drug treatment and have been clean and sober ever since. My use in those years btw, were not due to physical pain like yours but more of physic pain, depression and just pure addicition. It started as recreational, I liked the way they made me feel.
Anyway, since 2001 (while in recovery) I have had several surgeries that have left me with various types and levels of pain. After my 2nd of 4 surgeries I was prescribed Ultram. this was not for post surgical pain, but for after. I was so afraid of readdiction to opiates and like you, and many of us here were told that they were not addicitng ... just acted like an opiate, etc. For the past 4 mos I have been experiencing nerve pain and tendinitis coming from my cervical spine and shoulders and again have turned to Ultram for relief, (doctor prescribed.) Then I came to this board to ask just what you have asked and began hearing about the withdrawals and the possible addiction properties of this drug. I too was so upst to hear some of the stories! It's scarey, isn't it? I continue to take them as needed, but I also try to keep them to the bear minimum. I know though, that there might be a rough time ahead when I try to stop them. They do give me fairly decent pain relief without the euphoria, which is why I thought they would be safe for me. But I also notice a dip in my mood and energy when I try to skip them or wait a little longer till I take it This is a very familiar feeling from my years of pill addicition in my past. I hate this reminder!
Unfortunately, I have no answer or recommendation for you. It is definetly a step down from percocet, but it will not be a totally free ride. Like yourself, I would love to hear others experiences with ultram (and recovery)and how best to taper when it is time. (I currently take 2, sometimes 3 per day). Btw, I am still very much active in my program of recovery (AA) and do not consider this a relapse. I just want to keep it that way! :)
Anyway, just wanted you to know you're not alone Ed. Good luck in whatever decision you make for yourself.
El :wave: