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Good to hear from you...i miss you.I think about you-and all the health issues you are dealing w/ and im so sorry-to hear you have to deal w/ all this ****.
So you are on methadone...its helping?
Did you end up getting strung out on all the meds they were giving you???
I know-i would end up using again..
A dear friend of ours found out he has cancer-he had 7-8 yrs clean from H in the program-he has helped so many people get clean-hes like a saint.
Hes on alot of drugs now-obviously-and its such a drag-cos he worked so hard-like YOU-to get clean-and then because of his health had to go on opiates again..
But really-when you gotta have help for pain-whose gonna argue???
My sister-has been off the pills for a week-she has also cut herself twice..im very worried..im seeing her today-need to keep an eye on her..
it just sucks cos the drugs do such a # on her mental health..
cos she is severely bi-polar..i love her so much-shes my girl.
And so are you-i know Goddess is gonna care for you-and guide you back to health..
Im praying for you-Goddess is so prevalant in my life these days..i see the power of my work-in all the good things..and the bad-
im never alone.
the same goes for you-
Goddess loves her children..
peace and recovery..
iBlessed Be.
GGrl :angel: