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A friend of mine's son is at 125-130mgs of methadone per day as well as crank(meth) and IV cocaine when he can get it. I imagine there is some Oxy and other opiates(or whatever) involved also. I spoke to the head nurse at a state-funded facility here in Louisiana. He told me that they can only take a patient on methadone once the patient tapers down to 10mgs for 4 days with no other street drugs in the patient's system. The father is pretty desperate and the son wants to get cleaned up. Money is definitely an issue as they don't have a lot of it. My friend's oldest oldest son just died of an overdose and that's where all the money went. I'm looking for realistic alternatives. Any ideas? Oh yeah, the kid(27 yrs old+/-) has Hepatitis C. Any info would be appreciated.
im on 90mg of methadone...i was on 60mg for a year but my back finallly blew and i had to up my dose until i find out about my back.....you are looking for trouble if you drop from 120mg to 10mg in four days.....he will be in w/d's for sure...they recommmed to drop 5 mg every weeek or two to have somewhat succccesful fdetox from methadone and even then you would have to go on clonidine or some other non narcotic form of help for sleep insommnia and hes gonna have diahrea,ect.....i dont think he can drop that fast without searching for alternates such as oxy,ect....im glad to hear hes lookin to get clean but lets be realistic here.....we need support and guidance,some sort of recovery program...he cant be shootin up any other drugs...he has to want to do this and should see a doc....but to be successful to get off the methadone it has to be done very slow,very.very slow otherwise relapse is inevitable.....god bless....chef
It sounds like me three years ago. IV cocain use kicked my butt and I am primarily a opiate user. I was on 200mg of methadone and cocain for some reason while on that stuff was the thing. I don't know why. It also beat me down real bad and eventually I messed up and got kicked out of the methadone clinic and the cocain stopped only because I had to afford opiates again and had no money for it. Unfortunatly it was not over there because once again I was on methadone and back on cocain. Honestly I have been in numerous treatment centers and with no money and the only thing that stopped me before death was jail. I am clean three years now. Once you start shooting the cocain it seems unbeatable to the addict. To this day I have seen heroin and methadone and have no turning of my stomach but I even talk about shooting cocain and my stomach flips. God bless you guys. That is a very hard one and I have hep c too. It is like a devil runs you. Try long term treatment away from home town. When I say long term I mean a year or nine months. There are plenty of facilities that will take him but he has to be willing.