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Hi everyone, I am new to these boards. I recently went through a 4 day detox off of oxy and vicoprofen. I have been medically prescribed this medicince for 5 years. My life was falling apart, I no longer felt happy or satisfied. I have a wonderful husband and 2 little boys. I feel horrible because I am not myself anymore. I am clean and sober, in a lot of pain, but cannot feel joy or happiness at all!! I sometimes just think it would of been easier to keep using, but know thats not the right answer in my heart.

Is this normal to feel this way?? Feelings of worthlessness, like I ruined my life. I no longer look forward to anything. My doc has me on lexapro, but I don't feel better. I am past the w/d stages, physical anyways, but the mental part is killing me!!

Anyone....please help. I just need to know if this if normal and if it will pass. Thank you and god bless...

Is lexapro and antidepressant? If so, give it time to work.
I so understand what you are going through, although the way I got off of the pain pills was with Methadone, a 3 month treatment.
It was pretty hard after that last pill, I kept thinking about the pills alot.
Its been about a month since my last methadone pill and I am doing good.
If I can do it, you can do it.
I was taking 20+ pills a day
Give yourself a break, it takes time, dont be hard on yourself.
It takes time to "learn how to live" again without the pills.
Make a list of reasons that you dont want to , and never will, take the pills again. I had a pretty big list, believe me. The desperate feeling of w/d when running out, the lying, and ALL the money I wasted.......and on and on and on.
If you are past the w/d stage that is awesome.
Now soon you will be past the stage of craving them, I promise.
It just takes time.
Please hang in there. It will be worth it.
Do give yourself a break. It does get better. The absolute only way to get there is just to consider yourself your own science experiment. Be ready for what ever might happen next in order to get you well. I was in jail when I came off 200 mg of methadone cold turkey. After the physical pain wore off I still could feel my body recovering. Drugs are really hard on your body. I did not know how much so untill I finally let my body take the full course of recovery. I was in jail for the first few months and then just toughed it out. I just felt very bla and wierd off of everything for a while. That and I noticed my brain felt like a mush pot for a while too. I was fully aware of it at the time. Everything I went through that first year was well worth where I am now. I never thought it was possible. Not for me. Faith in something better turns into faith in a higher power eventually. It is weird cuz I was never a believer.