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Well I read your story and it sounds kind of like me. I can't believe nobody has responded to your post but I will since I can relate. I started out taking vicodon 5mg here and there for headaches, back pain,etc. which then led to percocet 7.5 mg, after a car accident several years ago. Percocet turned into Methadone 10-20mg a day for 2 1/2 years and then I was off to Vicodin and Lortab 10/500. The difference between you and I is that I took them as prescribed for back pain. Then when I realized that 4 10mg pills a day were just to much for me to continue taking due to my back feeling a better, I began to wean myself down so I would have plenty left over for the month, maybe just knowing I had extra made me feel better who knows but that is what I did. I have been down the road of painful withdrawls and the fear of going through that HELL again just wasn't an option for me. Therefore, I NEVER ate them like candy even when I had them.I am not saying your addiction is any different than mine but I learned over time to limit myself to 10 mg a day. I would take a 5mg in the morning and the other half in the evening or when I really needed them for pain and not just that BUZZ feeling. I am 31 years old and have children too. I couldn't keep going through withdrawls and care for them they way I needed to. So I guess my only advice to you is if you can get yourself to the point of taking them when needed or just a very low dose then getting off them won't be as bad as if you were taking 10-20 pills a day. This is not for everybody as I know it is easier said than done. I have friends and know plenty of people that cannot control their pill intake when they have a bottle full. It's almost like I would tell myself all day long ok I have to wait another hour and just push that hour to another hour and just get through the day playing mind games with myself. What a horrible way to live huh? I wish I could give you better advice. I ended up getting pregnant July 2003 and I was on Lortab at the time. I quit the day I found out I was pregnant and quit smoking too. I guess if you put your mind to anything you CAN do it. I took 500 mg tylenol at night for the leg cramps and took vitamins and got through it. I now have a beautiful 7 month old daughter and it was worth quitting for me. I stopped taking percocet the same way 6 years ago when I got pregnant with my son. Then started taking percocet again right after I delivered him by c-section. What a stupid thing to do. I went through horrible withdrawls from taking methadone a coupke years ago and let me tell you I thought I would die. I tapered down to a piece of a pill and still thought I would die for weeks after.I can't imagaine their is a more painful and long withdrawl that that, maybe I am worng but for me it was. So my advice to you is the next time you have a bottle of 80 limit yourself to 2-4 a day for a week or so then 2-3 a day for a week and so on til your body requires less and less and then stopping altogether shouldn't be as bad for you as taking 20 pills a day and then going to 0. If I could do that at home alone without a detox program I know you can stop if you truely want this for yourself. At least be honest with your husband and maybe he can help you and support you in your decision. Maybe he will watch the kids while you go to a NA meeting a few times a week or whatever you feel you need. It is a hard and difficult process and only YOU can do it. If you want to talk more I will be happy to help you any way I know how. If you have a doctor maybe he can give you better advice or clonodine (catapress patches) to help you monitor your blood pressure, Quitting cold turkey from taking that many pills a day can be very dangerous and you should seek out some sort of medical advice. Best of Luck to you, Rachel
Hi-this reason noone responded-is probably due to the "weekend"-i was around early sunday..but did not see your post..
Don't feel bad-im here-others will rally too-
My advice after reading your post-is to get into treatment..inpatient detox and aftercare-can you get a week off?
Can you get more than a week?
Call your local hospital-find out if they can give you info-for detox/substance abuse services-if you don't have insurance-don't worry-there are "free beds'-in most clinics.
You need professional help-and its tough to do on your own..
Im not going to suggest taper-doesn't sound like thats gonna work for you-
A week of detox-and most importantly-outpatient care-therapy/groups etc..i think would be the jumpstart you need..
i can relate-too..im sure most addicted to opiates can..its just huge..
im on suboxone..which is also an option-for those people who can't seem to get off the dope-its replacement therapy..its an opiate used to stop w/d-cravings but no high-similar to methadone-but dr. rxed...
Ive been on it a yr-and have really pulled alot of things in my life together-
I was one of those people who couldn't stop on my own-i kept relapsing..
if you wanna know more about id be happy to talk w/ you about it-
ggrl :angel:
HI In Recovery;
WOW our stories sound kinda familiar.
I was up to 20+ a day also.
I was finding illegal ways to get them also.
Then I confided in my best friend, who knew that I was taking them, but I lied to her and told her I was taking maybe 6 a day.
I finally told her the truth one day, that I was taking way more than I told her.
She found me a Dr. and we went the very next day.
The Dr. put me on Methadone treatment...I was able to get prescriptions and take them at home. He started me at 8 a day, then every 2 weeks he lowerd the dosage one pill.(my husband hid the pills from me and set out my daily dosage every day)
Can you do something like that?
Me, I confided in my family, even my 2 teenage kids know.
Look, it started out legit. for you, and got out of control; same with me, same with TONS of people. You have nothing to be ashamed about.
I am over 20 days clean of the methadone or any other narcotics.
The methadone treatment is working for me so far. Plus I am seeing a therapist who is giving me great advice.
I am so sorry that you are going through this.
I was afraid to tell my family too. But you know, it was not that bad.
If they love you, they will understand.
I am still ashamed about what my teenage boys must think (we do talk about it sometimes, and they seem pretty understanding, they just say "as long as you dont do it again".)
If you are ready to quit, my advice would be; Sit down with your husband and talk to him about it; Go to a doctor who know about this type of thing and see what your options are. The big question is: Are you REALLY ready to quit? If you are, then do something about it!!
good luck. keep us posted.