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Way to go..Cody..You are doing great..
Julie..you too-you are off the methadone..that is GREAT WORK!!!
I wanted to make sure you understood one of my posts-about w/d from done..
I wasn't implying it was impossible to get of MMt-that my pals-did it w/o too much trouble.
Im happy for both of you-
It gives the rest of us-still coping w/ management of our addictions hope for the future.
I hope you both had a great holiday weekend..
Get ready for XMAS!!!
I actually did a lil shopping-strung up some lights outside/and started-"decking the halls!!
I love Xmas-unfortuately so many holidays were either spent w/ding-or trying to...but this year has been the best year in so long..
peace to both of you..
ggrl :angel: