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What perscription drugs are dangerous when taken with methadone? Mother in law is currently taking methadone for pain. I think she may be taking other perscription drugs as well.

My dr. gave me a Hydroxyzine (Vistaril) boosts potency by 30-50% while I was taking 8 methadone pills a day. I would fall asleep standing up. I would fall asleep in the chair and my husband would have a hard time waking me up.

hope that web site may help you.
Quote from rxnivy:
RX meaning other perscription drugs.

I know what you meant.
If you go to that website I provided it will show other scripts. that will interfere with the methadone. just trying to help.
Some drugs are dangerous but I do know that my old methadone doctor used to perscribe us valium, xanex, kalotipin,depressents ect with our meth