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Hey Sara,

I'm on Lexapro. Don't stop taking it cold turkey!!! Talk with your doc. I take 20mg per day and lost my insurance last June. They cost $70 a month so recently I tried to taper off...bad idea!!! Sooooo depressed, but then I do take them for depression and not chronic pain (although I have cp and take methadone and vic's for it).

BE CAREFUL WITH NEURONTIN!!!!! It is an anti seizure med that has been prescribed for off label uses such as chronic pain. I tried it for 4 days and felt absolutely WHACKED the whole time! It was like walking thru a fog. I'm not sure it helped my pain much because it made me feel so wierd.

Research it before you go on it. I have a great doc and did not research it before taking it....wish I had and I'm glad I stopped on the 4th day. Google it and read up about the side effects. I also heard something about a class action law suit involving neurontin??. Just want to be sure you don't get into something bad.....for some people it really works wonders - just not me :(

I know you've just been thru rehab (yeah for you :bouncing: ) and wanted to say hurray for you!!!! How are your kids doing? I know they are young, but have they noticed any difference? And how's that wonderful boyfriend of yours doing?

Good luck with the neurontin..I really hope if you want to try it that it works for you!