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Hi ACL, There are an incredible amount of great posts on Suboxone/subutex, both for starting and for tapering on this board. I will share my experience though, because like everyone else here, my story is a little different.
I starting using narcotics when I was still in my teens, I moved around the country alot and when I couldn't get my drug of choice, I would drink. I mamanged to stay clean and sober for 5 years once. Over the years, thru the use and abuse of drugs and my body, I developed many painful bone conditions and needed to use pain medications. Well, you know the rest. My last pain medication was Methadone. It was one of the best pain relievers I'd ever used and I loved the high. But the chasing down of pills, the lieing to my doctor, the deceit I used with my husband and children all got to me. At 52 y/o I decided enough was enough. I found a sub dr. who was great and was very explicit about how to take it. But, since I didn't wait long enough after my last methadone pill, I went into precipatated w/d. It was wild and awful. I laugh at myself now because of my arrogance of thinking I knew more than the doctor. I started at 2 mg twice a day then went up gradually until I was at 12mgs. I didn't feel as great at that dose so with my drs help I dropped down. Now a year later, I am maintaining at 4 mg. I chose to stay on maintainence because of my age and track record. I want to stay clean as long as I can. I still suffer from pain, at times, unbearable pain. I am allowed to take Ultram. That is the only pain medication that works with Sub. I've never gotten high on Ultram so taking the recommended dose is easy for me. I only take it when the pain is absolutely unbearable and then I take the lowest dose. Being the junkie that I am, I did try to get high on the ultram and I got nothing but an upset stomach.
I don't know if this will help you, but's that's my story. If you have any questions that you think I can answer, please go ahead. Sorry for the length.
Good luck to you,