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So I'm not sure who is still around but it's been years since I've been on. I was a big 'ole Sub user and a tremendous proponent of it... until I tried to get off... but I've been off of it for a long time and now I'm not so sure it was that bad. I believe I may have to go into a rehab. I've lost everything. I used to be extremely successful and now nothing. I'm about to lose my children "temporarily" until I can get my stuff together but I'm scared they are going to be gone a lot longer when everyone finds out my secret. I'm addicted to Methadone/any opiate and benzos.

Tried to quit and had a seizure just a few weeks ago... The odd thing is, I lost my mother to the same thing. She died from an accidental overdose and was an addict my whole life. I always said I'd be nothing like her. I'm just like her.

What's the deal w/Chef? Any oldies join in or would love to hear from anyone.

By the way, I've finally realized that I can't do this alone and that meetings will be a part of my life forevery. If I could get through the physical withdrawals of this, I would be o.k. through meetings but I believe that's why I'll need in patient detox. No self control.... pure addict!!!! I've chosen drugs over my kids and that's why I always hated my mother. Got to get help!!!!!
Hi Banker,

My hub is addicted to the same things! Mehtadone and klonopin, and he has also had a seizure trying to quit a few years ago. I know of a way to taper from both methadone and benzos (I have done extensive research) to the point where you will feel hardly anything. I do know that you CAN NOT take sub with benzos!!!!!! My hub just tried to take the sub for the methadone and boy did he get sick! Not to mention that he could have died. You need to make a plan and stick to it. I can help you make a plan that WILL be sucessful for you. Your children NEED you. My father was a heroin junky and swore I would never do the drugs cause I did not want to be like him,and look at me now. He just died in prison and he was there because of METHADONE! He hung with the people from the clinic and every time they got him in trouble. My point is you NEED to get away from both of those drugs. Opiates are bad enough but methadone is nothing to mess with and the sooner you get off the better. Your heart is being slammed into reverse every night with the benzos so be very careful. How much of each are you taking and I can give some advice of were to start. Take care and you can do this!!!!!!!
Hi Banker- :wave:

Of course I remember you and often times have thought you and how you were progressing along. You should remember me from waaaayyy back too when I was on sub about 3 years ago. You advised me about sub when i was addicted on 35+ hydros a day. I was so scared of sub but you assured me that it was ok except when i was going through the Sub WDs. The sub wds were deadly for me back then because i jumped off high doses but i used hydros to get off it to help with sub wds.

A lot of oldies are gone and banned except gddssgrl65 who did quit sub- had a relapse on oxys but is doing well now from what I read. Ive been off the boards for a long time and just barely read about Chef's predicament. he's been having lung problems and it may be bad news but i'm not sure because i don't follow the threads all that much here.

I'm so sorry for what you've been going through and so sorry to hear about your kids. I know you've been through a lot with them. My suggestion to you would be to go back on the sub. it is ok to transition over from methadone to sub and much easier to get off sub than methadone. you will have to do a slow taper off the benzos with valium. you know to follow the Ashton manual for that.

Worry about the sub later and just get your life back. you know you have to do it for the kids sake at this point. Do a google search on how to taper from methadone to sub. tons of info on it other sites as well .

Good luck and take care.
:cool: Over It
Hi Banker, I remember you and Goddessgirl when I was still using. I read everything you guys wrote about sub. I thought sub would the answer to all my problems. I thought all I had to do was take the sub and no more w/d. I was addicted to methadone and killing myself, my marriage and my relationship with my children and jeopardizing my job. I knew w/d from meth would be wicked. So I went to a great sub dr and he agreed to take me on. I hadn't taken any meth in two days so he started me on 2mg bid. I took the first one and started feeling lousy, so I thought take another one and feel better......WRONG! I had so much meth built up in my system, I went into precipated w/d. It was awful, one of the worst nights of my life. But, once I got thru that, I started the sub and listened to my dr and started my path to recovery. It hasn't been easy but it's a hell of a lot easier than chasing down scripts, pills on the street and dreading the next day w/o pills. Because of my track record with opiates, I've decided to stay on sub maintainence. I've had to come off twice for surgeries, but with my dr's guidance, I had surgery, utilized the narcotic pain meds as needced and went back on the sub when the pills were no longer needed. I realize that I don't need to come off the sub. What for? It keeps me stabilized, my relationship with my hubby and kids is great, I perform better than I ever have at my job. If I do need to come off the sub for medical reasons, my dr is right there to help. But, knowing who and what I am (a junkie), considering my age (53) and my health, I see no reason why I shouldn't be on sub maint. This is only my story. But, I just wanted to let you know, that you and ggirl gave me the strength to go forward and do what I needed to do to live again. I hope that you find that strength once again on these boards. Good luck to you and if I can help in anyway, please write.
Peace, minx
HEY BANKER:) :) :) :) :) :)

This is really weird cuz i haven't checked on this board in a loooong time. And for some reason today, i felt like checking in.

What the heck is going on???? I will stick around to try to help u out.

As for me, i am doing o.k....stopped beating myself up over every little mishap. I take 4 percs a day == for pain relief strictly! Of course i gave up trying to get a buzz. I take them for pain, i've learned the more u take, the more u need, with a nano second of a high, it just isn't worth it.

Those 4 work on my pain, there are days when i can get thru it on 2 a day.

Well i want to hear more about you, that is probably what prompted me to hop on this website.....How can i help u???? How did methadone come into play?>???? Once u got off of the sub??? Is there any chance u can go to in-patient rehab and get back on the sub???? U will heal with time, and this TOO shall pass, i promise, but u got to go thru this with a clear mind, and getting straight and getting some support to get thru this is important ASAP!!

O.k....now stick around, u can get thru this, u've been thru alotta crap in ur live, and i know u can buck up and put this hell behind u.

Lots of love,