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I just signed up last week because I was going thru withdrawals from running out of Methadone over a week early. I didn't call my doc because he is supposed to change my medicine tomorrow to Opana (oxymorphone). I haven't seen that one mentioned here, but thought I would ask anyway. Has anyone here used Opana before? Is it highly addictive (looks like it is from what I have read)? Does it work for pain management (maybe the wrong forum, sorry)?

The big question here is should I go ahead and change, or should I ask the doc to up my dosage of Methadone (currently 20mg 3 times per day)?
Yes All opiates are addicting if you stop them suddenly. and yes that medication is just addicting as methadone if you run out early you are going to suffer big time. call your Dr and talk to him about this as there is no point in suffering if he is going to change your medication. I agree with buckeye, the pain mangement board is a good place to start but they don't get into talking about addiction or running out of pain meds early as its strictly a pain managment board and addiction isn't easily discussed over there Just be careful and try to not run out early again as that is a killer.
jimc,i really really highly suggest that you try upping the methadone and stay the heck away from opana.does your doc know about your past problems with the oxycontin?if you can obtain any good relief,stay with the methadone just at a higher dose,it is much safer for you to this than to actually get yourself involved with something as very strong as opana is,really.once an addict always an addict.i am in this same situation,was clean for many many years til my spinal cord was injured rather severely and all the secondary SCI syndromes started popping in,i really did not have much choice at that point as without the use of narcotics,honestly i would be in bed curled up in the fetal position wishing for death to come and take me,my pain is that bad.

sooo,after some deep soul searching and many talks with family and my doc who is aware of my past history,i did stay on the narcotics but under very strict guidelines that they have set up at my pain clinic.if you are not in actual pain management,this is where you really need to be.they will have you sign a narcotic contract with many many very strict rules to go by,and in the event you break a rule,you are gone in a heartbeat,no questions asked.i needed this type of situation in order for me to be able to do this and so far(the past four years now) i have remained totally and completely compliant,mostly because of the fear of actually having to feel the full over the top effects of my pain.going without even one of my daily doses really just terrifies me to death.it is that fear component that i did not have when i abused pain meds way back when that makes the total difference for me now.

For you,this IS a VERY big deal.you need to be completely honest with every medical professional that is treating you and really really sit down and think about what it is that you are contemplating here and be honest with yourself as to whther or not you even feel comfortable in doing this and what you really feel about the possibility of ending up where you were with the oxyontin.while it is very possible to be able to go onto narcotics after being in an addicted state,only because of no other options,it HAS to be done a very very different way than most people and under very very strict monitoring and rules.my pain clinic can and has called me out of the blue to just bring my meds in within the next 24 hours for a random pill count and has tested my urine randomly too at an appt for something else."by the way,can you pee in this cup on your way out?"

i really don't mind tho as i havenothing to hide from them and they are helping me with my pain and to stay compliant.i NEVER forget that i was and always will be an addict.i am also never too comfortable in having to be on my narcotic meds.i never think that i have it over this addiction cuz i know,under certain circumstances,i could go back to where i was at any time.the fear helps alot in keeping me on the straight and narrow.i hope you will give this ALOT of thought and consideration before commiting yourself to this.it IS a big deal for you.please let us know how things go and what you decide to do here.i wish you all the best of luck with this.Marcia
I have been seeing the same pain management doc for 2 years now and I have talked to him several times about my past addiction. I started taking Methadone with this doc because of its lack of abuse potential. We also tried fentanyl patches at one point, but I could never keep them on overnight or thru a shower. When the patches didn't work, we kept going with methadone. After 2 years on methadone (the last 1 1/2 years at the same dose, it is just not working very well. For the last 3 months or so I have taken 800mg of ibuprofen 2-3 times each day along with my 60mg of methadone. My appointment is after work today and it will be the 2nd time for us to discuss the possibility (probability?) of changing to Opana. He has told me before that he does have patients at higher levels of methadone than I am on, but he doesn't like to go much higher than that so we are trying to find an alternative.

As far as abuse goes, I have told my doc the same things I posted above about all that I almost lost before. He believes me that I will do anything to avoid losing those things and he is trying to help me. He asked me at one time to see if my pharmacy would hold the medicine for me and just give me one weeks worth at a time. I have been using the same pharmacy for about 4 years now and I know everyone that works there, so they said that wouldn't be a problem. We have not had to do that with methadone, but if I switch I will probably ask them to do it with Opana. And of course my wife can hold it and only give it to me when I need it, but the doc can't be sure of that.

I have to get back to work now. Thanks for the replies and the concern. I will let you know what we decide.