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Hello, I am not familiar with endone and have never heard of it, what is it? It must be something we in the US have not heard of as I could not find anything online about it either.

Your Dr can do what he wants and if a Dr feels you are abusing the medication and not taking it as directed, they can take you off at any time with no notice. Are you getting it from a pain Dr? Do you have a contract with your Dr that explains that they can stop prescribing at any time should there be a problem on how your taking it and if your abusing it? Perhaps the Dr saw your track marks and noticed you are an IV user? or they were suspicious you were an addict?

It is not against the law for your Dr to stop prescribing to you so you really can't do anything about it. What was the reason the Dr gave you for cutting you off? Didn't the Dr discuss this with you prior to taking you off it? what is the reason?

I do believe you can get into a methadone program since your a drug user so that should not be a problem for you, Perhaps you should go and talk to the clinic and have a meeting with a counselor. It doesn't sound like your interested in quitting the drugs, and that is very sad as its so dangerous to shoot heroin and oxy given the fact you have Hep C doesn't help matters in regards to your health either you do no that Hep C can kill you right? you need to take care of your liver as its not in good shape if you have Hep C to begin with. I do think you should seek out some help and see if you can get on methadone or suboxone and try and clean up. They do drug test you so you will have to give up the heroin and stop taking the oxycontin as they will kick you right out if they find it in your urine as they do drug test you. Than you will have to go through horrible with drawls, and that won't be pretty.

I really hope that you can get some help getting off the heroin as it is not a cool thing to be doing to your body and the W/D when you run out must be HIDEOUS, UGH, I hope you can get some help and SOON..

Why dont you look at this as a blessing and not something horrible I know easier said than done. It sounds like your not affraid to put anything in your arm and this has caused you some serious health affects. Instead of running to heroin why dont you just stick it out and go through the w/d's I know it will suck a little while but they do end its time to get control of your life back. The w/d's will end put as long as your using the running and freaking out about no drugs will NEVER end unless you end it. The w/ds are the worst at day 3-5 but after that they will get better you will have to change your friends and your lifestyle but doesnt sound like you want to change you just wanted it to be easier for you by getting your drugs from a Dr vs. running around on the streets. Are you happy with the way your life has been consumed by drugs and addiction? I guess you havent hit your bottom yet and maybe your bottom will be 6ft under. I dont mean to be mean and I know we dont come here for tough love at some point you have to change things for the better. I wouldnt run to heroin so I wouldnt have to suffer for a few days and frankly sounds abusurd that anyone would do that. Then again we are addicts always chasing a high at whatever costs. When your ready to control your life instead of drugs controlling it then thats when you will change. I see you havent been here in a couple of days so I will assume your chasing the dragon with a needle in your arm please tell me I'm wrong. I know this isnt what your life was supposed to be like and I know deep down you dont want it to be this way. I hope you can get on methadone but I think it should be for people who really want to change and stay off drugs not a substute so you dont have to suffer w/d's. What happens when you taper off the methadone then what back to heroin? Well please post and keep us updated even if your not ready to stop sometimes posting and talking about it might change your mind. Best wishes Kim
I'm with slipper here Opiate.You need to educate yourself about HCV as it can be fatal if you don't look after yourself.Shootin crap into your viens is not a healthy lifestyle and will not help you keep the HCV in check
Hydrocodone is not oxycontin,oxycontin is oxycodone whixh is the opiate in percocet.Hydrocodone is found in vicoden,Loratab ect.They are not the same drug.I wouldn't suggest a methadone program until you exhaust all other avenues.Buprenorphene would be a good one for you to try.Good luck....Dave:)