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Hello to everyone who remembers my attempts at quitting and I hope nobody thinks ill of me for choosing this route to recovery. I finally went to my local methadone clinic yesterday and talked to a counselor for 2 hrs. I finally told someone all the things I'd done, and was doing. I started dosing this morning and by their estimates Im looking at around a year minimum in this program. If anyone has any experiences at a methadone clinic I would love to hear, or if anyone would like to know how the process was for me, I would be happy to share. Hope everyone is doing well. I miss you all....................MULER
Mule no one understands addiction that hasn't walked in those shoes, so your family members don't have a clue what your going through.

Perhaps this is what will work for you. Some people choose, Suboxone, some choose Methadone and some choose cold turkey or attend a rehab. For you this is what YOU want to do, so don't worry about what anyone thinks of what your doing. This is your business and I feel bad for you that your family is being so hard on you and giving you a hard time, your getting clean and that is all that matters.

Keep your head up high and keep plugging along, I am proud of you to, its a big step to take and not an easy one to do. going to a methadone clinic is not an easy way out, they really can't and won't understand what your going through because they are not addicts.

Hang in there.:blob_fire

Hi There, I have been in Methadone treatment since October 2004. It really depends on you and what and how much you were taking how long your methadone treatment will last. I am not sure just how much I can share here but this treatment was my last resort I tried all other ways to get clean of narcotics and failed everytime. I have never felt better I am healthy and presently weaning down my dosage. You made a good choice in my opinion its been my life saver. Good Luck.

Thanks all of you for keeping my spirits up. Tomorrow is my first full week, or I guess business week, goin to the methadone clinic. As I saw one of you angels post that you feel like you got your life back? Well Im almost there. Im only on a 45mg dose right now, making my way up to 100-120mg per day. Im going to try and stop at 80mg because this stuff is very powerfull. Im getting these random emails from my family like" 20 percent of people on a methadone treatment plan can stop. The other 80 are on for life. I say, if thats what it takes, I wanna feel ok, and stop shooting up. On the same note though, my response to that was I quit using heroin and if I can handle that, I can handle detoxing from a train wreck! LOL I Love you all
I spent 22 years in active addiction along with chronic pain from 4 lumbar surgeries.I took and abused every opiate there is.I was on demerol for 10 years and I used to take 500mgs every 3 hours.I actually had a stop watch on my watch and I would time 3hours .Once that stop watch hit 3:00 I would stop it,reset it to 0:00,take another 500mgs of demerol and start the stop watch.I got 180 a month from my doctor and I took this way until they were all gone which was about 3 days.I finally had a siezure from to much demerol so I switch around and tried a bunch of opiates for a few years.I finally stayed with morphine and when I started methadone I was taking 3,000mgs a say of ms contin.I am 5'9" and I weighed 123lbs.I was a mess and so was my liver.I didn't have any liver diseases but my enzymes were through the roof.So after 22 years of strait abusing everyday (I have never in my life been in withdrawl) I started methadone.That was 4 years ago and let me tell you my life has taken a 180* turn for the better.All my bills are paid,my marrage is great,I like to think I'm a good dad.I take 300mgs a day and that cover's my addiction and pain.Alot of people get on methadone and then proceed to sit around watching tv and eating sweets.Don't get caught in this lifestyle or you will put on too much weight and end up accomplishing nothing.Good luck to you and remember to eat healthy and go for a walk twice a day,it actually makes you feel better because when you get exercise you produce endorphins and they make us all feel great......Dave:)
Hi there muler i am a new to the site.
I was a heroin addict for 11 years and tried just about everything i could to get off it and i always said i would never take methadone as i heard it was actually WORSE than the heroin and more addictive. I was really at rock bottom before i decided to give the methadone a try and i wish i had done it a LOT sooner than i did!! Methadone is brilliant if you let it work. I know loads of guys who say that it is crap but that is because they are still chasing that buzz or they are still using in between doses. Methadone doesnt give you a buzz it just prevents withdrawals but it is excellent at doing its job. Dont let anyone tell you that your taking the easy way out as there IS no easy way out of any addiction. It takes patience and it takes time muler but beleive me you WILL get there with methadone if you let it do its job properly.
I have now been on methadone for nearly 7 years and it has TOTALLY changed my life. I went from having nothing but the clothes i had on to now having a house and a wife and the most beautiful little daughter you have ever seen. I am now waiting to go on to subutex when my methadone dosage is low enough and then i will be totally drug free so all i can say to you muler is go for it mate. you have took the most important step by going to the clinic in the 1st place and trying to get onto the methadone so well done. All you have to do now is stay away from all your old haunts and friends that are still using and sit back and let the methadone do its job!! if you could maybe join a gym or some sort of club or something that will help you as the other important thing is to make the most of the time you will have on your hands. Sitting around the house is the worst thing you could do as it will eventually lead to boredom which inturn will lead to temptation and you know wherte that leads too!! try and fill the day with stuff to do and you will find it a whole lot easier. Good luck Muler and remembe rits not the easy way out so dont listen to them
First off I wanna say congrats to you for making such a HUGE step in your life.Trust me if you let it this will be a great thing.I could tell a MAJOR difference within the first month or so of treatment.WARNING though:Even though right now you are probably still feeling a little "good" from the methadone This WILL go away.Please dont keep going up and up just to chase that high because you will never get it.That being said I am NOT telling you to stay at a low dose,You should get to the point to where you feel the same before you dose as you do after you dose.Have NO cravings or very few and shouldnt be nodding out all day long.(Though this is normal in the beginning of treatment to nod some).Also try not to get caught up on a "time limit" to your treatment.The average at the least is usually 3yrs.A year and a half of getting your dose where it needs to be and to stay stable and a year and a half to taper properly.Thats if you want true success in coming off it..Methadone changed my life,Methadone SAVED my life.I went from an unproductive person,on the verdge of losing my kids,marriage and family and having no job,no money nothing.I am now very active in my kids lives,my marriage is lots better and my family are all very proud of how far I have come.I am also back to work in my trained proffession not only that I am making $20/hr while doing it.I go to the clinic every 2weeks so it doesnt mess with my life all that much and I wouldnt trade anyof it for the world.Someone tries to tell me that I am "trading one addiction for another"or I am taking the easy way out then I just either tell them its non of their bussiness and that if they knew how I was before methadone then they wouldnt say what they do.I also tell them until they walk a mile in my shoes then to leave me the heck alone...As far as the "trade" comment I just tell them how for me its no different than a diabetic that needs insulin.My body isnt producing endorphins on its own any more like a diabetics body isnt producing insulin.The methadone just replaces my endorphin level to a normal level as the insulin does for the diabetic.That for me not being a diabetic if I were to take a shot of insulin I would go into a hypoglycemic(low blood sugar)coma and that would be bad.But the same shot for a diabetic returns their sugar to normal.For me I would be adding insulin ontop of insulin.For them they are replacing what isnt made anymore.Same thing with the methadone.If a person with a normal endorphin system were to take methadone they would get a big buzz probably because they would be adding endorphins on top of endorphins,but for me I am replacing the endorphins my body doesnt make any more therefore it brings me back to a normal level of endorphins....Dont let anyone tell you that methadone isnt good.Most that have taken it before and came off of it were not using it properly,or were thinking that the "high" in the begginning would last forever and before they knew it were stuck.They most often didnt taper properly going to fast and causing lots of the horrors of withdrawalsto happen to themselves..I cant say anything bad about something that made my life what it is today.3 years ago I wouldnt have been able to face my family on thanksgiving without having to interrupt my dealers meal first..Good luck hun and if you have any questions please ask...I will try and keep up with this thread for the next few days...I have learned alot about this medicine since I started taking it over 2.5yrs ago and would be more than happy to share what i know with you...
Take Care,