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Good for you Marie, that takes a LOT of courage to come clean with your Dr. Is this the same Dr that is prescribing you the medication? If so than that is a great start as she probably won't want to prescribe them to you anymore if you told her EVERYTHING? so that is was a smart thing to do.

I would want to no more about this detox your going to. Its important to know what there game plan is for you, as not all rehabs are the same and you need to know what there going to do for you? Do they have a web site you could check out, or can you E Mail them if your not comfortable asking them in person? Sometimes E Mail is a good way to get your information.

I wish you the BEST of luck getting off the ultram and will be curious to hear how the detox is working for you. Maybe they will give you suboxone or some benzo's? if there telling you you won't have any W/D'S than I would have to know what they were going to give me in advance so I could do my research. I mean they could be offering you methadone for all you know or some kind of other narcotic.

I hope this works out for you and that your Dr know's not to prescribe them anymore as that will make things a lot easier as you won't have access to them anymore.

Hugs and a big congrats to you!:blob_fire