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Dear Tadpolemomma,
your post mirrored my life, and I had to reply. I too, have a really hard time liking myself and the world and my life sober. It sucks not having something to make me like myself and the world around me. I went about it the opposite way you did, first booze, then opiates. Your post connected with me on a deeper level than most, so I had to try to give some words of encouragement. The end result is the same. We end up here, or somewhere, saying to ourselves and the world, why can't you give me something to make me feel good all the time, that will make me like myself and the world I've created, and make it acceptable to do so. I struggle with this every day and am working on the right mix of things that will do all of that. Well, the one thing that has to give (and something WILL have to give) is your selfishness. You MUST sacrifice SOMETHING. Of course, you already know this deep down. What I found is that if you get the right combination of chemicals, along with a good support group that you're comfortable with, you can learn to accept, even enjoy life, w/o feeling fu**ed up all the time. And by chemicals, I don't mean the old standbyes of painkillers, speed, alcohol, or tranquilizers. I mean non-abused prescription meds (methadone, suboone, campral, SSRI's). Hope I helped.