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hello all. i posted back in october about my friend who was addicted to anything and everything he could get his hands on. then before i could figure out some kind of way to get him some help...since he was not going to be a willing partner to the help...i got a phone call from his brother that they found him dead in his bed that morning.last week they got the autopsy report back and the cause of death was ruled an accidental overdose due to crack and methadone.that said that with his heart racing from the crack and then slowing down from the methadone that his heart did not know what to do and just stopped beating.the reason i wanted to post and tell you all about this is so that just maybe it will open someone's eyes as to how quickly things can turn deadly.he was a 47 year old man and even though was an addict, he really enjoyed life. he is so very sadly missed and is very hard to deal with.there are alot of opportunities out there to help addicts get clean...i hope that this post will cause at least one person to re-evaluate how precious there life is. now that my friend is gone,it has profoundly affected numerous people in his life.being an addict is not just your problem...it is a problem shared by everyone around you. may god bless everyone and give them the strenghth to live a drug and alcohol free life.