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You need them for pain. So as long as your taking them as prescribed and not taking them for a high whenever, I guess you would be ok. Alot of people coming off drugs go the sub route and wean off to make the w/d's much less. I have also heard that it works for pain too. Most people with chronic pain sometimes take the methadone too. I'm sure if you stopped you would have w/d's and some uncomfortableness. If it makes you have some quality of life though and at your age I'm sure you would still like to be active I would continue to take as prescribed for your pain. If you have worries though I'm sure you could see a pain management Dr. and discuss concerns and maybe another method of treatment. My fiance has bulging discs, bone spurs on his spine, and curvature of the spine. He takes Lortab for breakthrough and wears a Duragesic patch for the pain. If it wasnt for pain management he wouldnt be able to work let alone live a semi comfortable life. He would be pretty much bed ridden. Surgery isnt an option for him either. So I do understand your concerns, but quality of life is a better option if you ask me. Good luck with everything. Kim