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I am currently a methadone maintenance patient and have recently had a dosage reduction of 60mg "imposed" on me for 30 days because of a positive UDS for Benzos. Is this not a "Punitive" action? Can anyone honestly say that this is NOT a punishment? And is it not against every tenet of the Methadone Maintenance ideology to use methadone reductions/suspensions as punishment? So my second thought is, if you were in this position, and you could do so, would you leave this facility and go to a physician and get a script for Suboxone?:confused:
The sub would be another alternative in fighting your addiction. My sister works in a methadone clinic and she has said that they will kick people out of their program if they test pos for benzos. The benzo/meth combo can be a fatal combo. Subutex would be a great way to end the addiction. Just think, not having to go to that clinic ever again.