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well, if you're going cold turkey, switching from one pill to another isn't going to do it, at least clonodine isn't. If you're going to take that route, at least go to something that's formulated for your situation. Find a doc that will/can write you for suboxone/methadone for the opiate addiction. I never have understood treating opiate addiction with benzo addiction, or alcohol addiction with opiate addiction.
Hey there. Dont beat yourself up about being an RN and having issues with the pills. There are people from all professions that get hooked on this stuff. At least you are trying to quit and doing a pretty good job. I am a computer programmer and it took me pretty close to a month to where I was productive at work. It is going to take some time to get back to feeling like your old self. As you know, the phy w/d’s are the toughest until about 4-5 days. The subutex worked well for me. I have also heard that suboxone works well also. I would really think twice about the methadone, unless you are looking to stay on it for the long haul.