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I am considering switching to Subox & would like to find out about how much I can expect to take per day and how much it costs. My therapeutic dose of Methadone is 120mg per day, so, what does that translate to in terms of a comparable dose of Subox? Thanks.

jex, there are many great posts about sub and how much it costs. It's quite varied. It is not comparable to methadone in cost. Plus, you need to taper down off the methadone before you can begin suboxone. It is suggested that you taper down to at least 25mg before starting sub. My experience is that I had to be completely off the methadone before I could begin the sub. I started suboxone after being off methadone for two days and still went into precipatated withdrawal. It was awful. Once I had the methadone out of my system, the transition to sub was easy. I started at 4mg gradually worked my way up to 12mg and am now on maintenance at 4mgs a day.
I get my suboxone at 'cost'. Because I am a hospital employee, i pay what the hospital pays. Some insurances do cover it. But do your homework first and find a reputable docotor. Good luck to you in your recovery