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hi, i am a girlfriend of a really good guy addicted to opiates. seems like everyone around me is an addict to something. he has been trying so hard, but now is taking small amounts of methadone each day to come off of pills. anyone here coping with an addict?
thanks, i am new at this, i am the one who has to worry about finding stuff for him so he wont be sick. he has two small children full time, and i am trying really hard to help him. i like to party too, but am not addicted to opiates or cocaine. i cant stand to see him suffering, so i go out and get what i can to help him out. I am trying to wean him off of pills with small amount of methadone each day, usually around 10 to 15 mgs. i know i need to say no, but find it hard to watch him suffer and get ill with his two kids.