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What I've done in the past is tapered with Methadose. When the bad Opiate withdrawls hit, take as little Methadose as possible to get through the worst of it and take little doses everyday at the same time, trying to taper what I have. Methadone / dose is a nasty bugger of a drug. Half life of 72 hours and stores in your fat cells, etc. The withdrawls with meth are longer lasting but much more mild but with small doses, I might be OK. Someone called me a few minutes ago so I know I can get a 40mg of dose to help me get through so, we'll see. I can't use a detox unless maybe outpatient. I have a call into my doctor. I am waiting for a reply. I want to ask if he can write a prescription for one of the 2 meds approved by the FDA to treat RLS. If I can get that script and use the OTC stuff, maybe I can relieve some of the suffering. Anything else I should talk to the doc about? I told him about what was going on a while back but he offered no help. He said, Man, that's tough. That's some tough business. Keep in touch with me and let me know how it goes. BUt, I haven't so, now, maybe I should.