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I am new to this site as far as posting. Been reading threads for 2 weeks and I must say, although I dont know you guys, I love everyone of you for being here to support one another.
I have a wonderful husband (9years we have been together) and 3 adorable daughters, ages 2 1/2. 6 & 8. I have been full-blown addicted to vicodin STEADILY since April '06. Before that I was addicted but I guess I could function so I didnt realize it and I definitly didnt know what happened when I take them in excess of 3,000/mg of Vicodin a month. Roughly 12-20 pills a day. I tried several months ago to quit C/T and only made it 4 days before I caved in.
I decided AGAIN that I need to quit. My father told me of a DETOX center close by that is FREE. Said he was in the building adjacent to it and seen with his own eyes how people went in screwed up and came out DRIED out. I believe they do give you something to make it comfortable so you dont have seizures, but NOTHING to substitute the drug. THANK GOODNESS.
Monday I almost drove myself to the METHADONE clinic. I thought that was the answer. Then, I prayed to God and was told by my father about this DETOX. I can also do after care closer to where I live and they have day care for my 2 1/2 year old. I am supposed to get on waiting list 12-29-06 (MY NEW YEARS GIFT TO MYSELF< MY HUSBAND AND MY BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRLS)
Detox center said that close to the Holiday they could possibly have a bed ready so come prepared.
I tried the "taper down" and to me it was a waste of time. If I hadn't screwed up our bills by spending all my extra $$, I would ask my husband to stay home and do this with me. All I can think of is all that $$ going down the drain on my addiction, and would I rather quit NOW when its MY choice and even severe as it is. OR do I want to quit LATER when its not MY choice and ten times harder? Thats pretty much answered right there. I am tired of living this life. My children do not deserve to suffer from this any longer, and neither does myself or my husband.
What I am wondering is this:
I have researched all over the internet and cannot find ANY instances of someone who was RECOVERD from Vicodin addiction as full blown as mine. I am talking average people, not celebrities or the rich & famous.
I wonder HOW LONG does it take to get REAL energy back?
How long does it take one's brain to start producing NATURAL ENDORPHINES & DOPAMINE, instead of searching throught the body and punishing every limb & organ to find the opiates?