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New to the board since yesterday. I was surfing around for hubby on Suboxone before his appointment lastnight and stumbled upon this board.

We've known each other since we were teens.
Hubby has a VERY bad back and arthritis in his hip. He's 35.
He has always had an addictive personalty since he was a teen.
I haven't. I don't think.
If he wasn't drinking, he was smoking pot, if not pot, coke, or crack (before we were together). He has overcome all of those obstacles since we've been together (11yrs).

4 years ago, I had breast surgery. The Dr gave me pain meds afterwards.
I took them...but never touched them again after I healed. He on the other hand, at the time was remodeling my daughter's bedroom and was sore afterwards and took 2 of my pills. He was a new man in a 15 year old body. That started him on the path to his vicodin addiction.

In addition, this is when I started having anxiety. One day out of the blue, I had a severe panic attack. didn't know what was wrong. I went to the ER and they told me it was anxiety and prescribed xanax and some SSRI (Paxil). I at the time was not about to be a guinea pig for the SSRI and told my PCP that and so I have just been taking the xanax when needed and it has worked well for me over the years. I don't abuse them, however my dose has gradually increased as does anything if you take it for so long. I am now at 3mg a day.

Back to hubby...

He found a Dr to prescribe them to him because in a sense, he REALLY did need them with his back problems. However, he abused them. He eventually ended up abusing them and I made him go back and try something else. This quack Dr gave my 34 year old husband FENTANYL patches!!! He did ok on them for a while but eventually...kept coming up a few days short and ended up buying vicodin until he could get a patch refill. I put a stop to that also. This lat time, the Quack Dr put him on methadone to get him off of everythig. The first month, 10mg, 2nd month, 10mg...WHOA...I thought we were weaning him down???

The methadone eventually caused anxiety because with the methadone, he prescribed Lexapro for anxiety and depression but hubby didn't get it filled because 1. he probably didn't think he'd need them and 2. our insurance wouldn't cover them. Soooo....I started noticing my xanax missing and him being TOTALLY messed up and he lost his methadone. I called his Dr and spilled the truth about hubby being an addict and etc...

I confessed to hubby the other night.
He wanted to go in and tell the Dr I was mad (an addicts way of thinking) and so I let him. He came home from the Dr with absolutely nothing.

Mission accomplished.

But...it backfired on me. He started buying vicodin so he wouldn't withdrawl.
During this whole ordeal, lovely MIL and hubby keep throwing my xanax in my face. I can't get them to understand I don't abuse them...I AM dependent on them because God Forbid I have a panic attack. If anyone has ever had one, you know it's almost life or death to keep them away. I haven't had one since I was put on xanax. But I am soooo sick of hearing about it...And, now that I am pregnant, I am starting to think I need to get off or wean down to a lower dose. And, to prove to hubby it CAN be done. My OB knows about the xanax...he worked with me on them during my last 2 pregnancies and both my children are healthy, however I am on a higher dose now and that scares me.

So...to end this long story, as a last resort, I took him to a suboxone Dr. lastnight. Talk about freaking expensive. But, I am hoping it works, if not...I have to leave him and I DO NOT want to.

Any suboxone success stories are greatly appreciated as are xanax success stories as long as you have panic disorder, not recreational use.

Thanks so much for listening,
broke wife :wave: